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Let’s Boost Your Fitness Journey with Abdulla Bahzad

A healthy lifestyle is vital in developing an individual’s personal and professional life. Being physically fit helps the brain to function effectively and reduces the risk of chronic diseases. A fit and healthy person can work more productively and efficiently than an unfit person. Abdulla Bahzad is a personal trainer and a fitness coach in Qatar, known for his absolute passion in this field. A 27-year-old, the most renowned fitness trainer Abdulla Bahzad, started his fitness journey with Bodybuilding 8 years back when he was just 19. He participated in 2 bodybuilding competitions in the ‘Men’s physique.’ His expertise lies in recommending training and healthy diet plans, making him the ultimate choice for all the fitness freaks out there.

Abdulla Bahzad is also a motivational speaker, along with a fitness coach. He helps his trainees to lead a fit and healthy life and achieve their goal of dream physique through his coaching and mentorship. He participated in 2 international bodybuilding shows, one of the Arnold classics in 2017 and another in 2018, in London.

Abdulla Bahzad shares that the most disappointing moment for him is when he sees people carelessly eating burgers and pizzas while disregarding its adverse impacts on their health. He emphasizes that a person should possess self-control before pursuing a fitness journey. He firmly believes that any set goal is achievable with consistent efforts, dedication, and determination. To achieve the set objectives, a person must put in 100% effort and trust the process with faith. He often advises his trainees to have an optimistic approach and a positive mindset. Keeping track of calories and evaluating the consumption of food items is of foremost importance for people who want to remain fit. Alongside a healthy diet plan, sleep also plays a pivotal role in keeping oneself fit and healthy. A person should rest at least 6-8 hours and practice working 5 days a week, which would help the body and muscles to heal and relax.

Abdulla Bahzad gives his example to his followers about his horrific car accident. In December 2020, he met with a car accident that broke his leg and caused multiple injuries. He had to undergo 15 surgeries. Due to this major accident, he couldn’t involve himself in any fitness activity for the last two years. He is still receiving physical therapy for his treatment. He highlights that despite all the physical and mental trauma, he will soon resume his gym activities and be back on track. That incident didn’t pull him back from achieving his goals of having a symmetrical physique and leading a healthy life. His optimism, faith, and determination make him stand firm even after this traumatizing phase. Abdulla Bahzad also offers free motivational sessions to encourage and help people to opt for the right direction and lead a happy, healthy, and contended life.