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Kushal Dev Rathi

Villages are Vital- Kushal Dev Rathi

By Kushal Dev Rathi,

“The future of India resides in its countryside,” Mahatma Gandhi once said. He was correct in his statement, as villages preserve ecological balance due to the environment of villages.

We have pretty much forgotten to live a joyful and placid living amid the frenzy of city life and the race to earn more. City life has grown so congested that it is hard to breathe freely or spend quality time alone.

When city life gets too onerous, it is time to return to your origins, i.e., villages. The agricultural areas and open fields, as well as the rustic way of life, make the villages more picturesque and serene. People from urban areas frequently take vacations to such attractive countryside sites where they may breathe pure air due to the undisturbed environment. Rural life is quieter and less steady than city life, which is one of the primary reasons why millennials like this type of living and take such vacations frequently. Organic food, on the other hand, has recently acquired popularity, which encourages people to adopt a rural way of life in which one consumes more nutritious food and leads a better lifestyle.

Given the current situation, it has become crucial to implement specific village traditions to safeguard our ecosystem. Villages have a lot to teach us, whether it’s about eating fresh and organic food, reducing waste, recycling and reusing items, or developing discipline and if we could return to our roots, or implement a bit in our daily routine, then we could be able to lead a better life.