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Israeli entrepreneur Lior Biton launches the “Money on the Floor” course that turns people into successful digital entrepreneurs

Lior Biton – Who is He? 

Many people think that entrepreneurs are different from normal people. Maybe they are born intelligent, maybe they have a certain skill set that others don’t or maybe entrepreneurship runs in their blood.  This is not true. The biggest example of this is Lior Biton. An Israeli entrepreneur that has made a very big name in the dropshipping business around the world in a very short time. 

Idea Behind “Money on the Floor”

Lior Biton teaches many courses to his followers. These courses are mostly about dropshipping. He has seen a fair share of struggles. When most people think of online business, Amazon and eBay are the first names to pop up. Lior did the same. He started with his store on eBay. What didn’t click with him was the unnecessary restrictions the store had for people. You were not allowed to upload more than a few products and were not allowed to make more than a specific number of sales. Eventually, this meant that the money you could gain from the store was limited. On top of that, you had to pay a cut to eBay for everything you sold. 

This led him to find another way, another route through which he could gain profits. That led him to come across WordPress! It was free, it was easy, it was big money! He used WordPress to make free stores and get them up and running.  This is when he realized that this was “money on the floor”. The floor is your customers. Learning WordPress allowed him to take money directly from the clients without having an intermediary between them. 

“Money on the Floor” – What Do You Learn? 

So, what does the course “Money on the Floor” has to offer to the people? It has to offer all the experience and knowledge that Lior has gained over years. Success does not come overnight. You have to struggle and face many hardships. The best thing about this course is that you can skip the hardship and struggle and jump directly to the formula of success of Lior. You can gain from his experience (both positive and negative) and use it to become successful in every field of life! 

Experience is the Best Teacher

No book, no course or workshop can teach you what you can gain from experience. With “Money on the floor”, you don’t only learn tips and tricks, you learn the failures, the struggles and the mistakes of Lior Biton, the biggest entrepreneur in the Israeli dropshipping business. 

Who is the course for? 

So, now the biggest question is who can take the “Money on the Floor” course? Is it for everyone? Or is it for some specific people? You will be happy to know that the course is for anyone who: 

  • Wants to make online money
  • Understands that digital is the new money 
  • Wants to look for wining products to sell 
  • Is interested in learning what digital marketing is
  • Who wants to be self-employed 
  • Wants to spend money on themselves and think of it as an investment 

What are you waiting for? 

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The course costs only NIS 999! So, book your slot today and invest in yourself to make a profit tomorrow! 

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