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Is rose water spray good for your face?

The Benefits of Rose Water Toner: -Rose water is an excellent natural toner for all skin types, even if you’re oily or sensitive. -Rose water is a natural antioxidant that can help fight free radicals that may be causing aging.

Rose water is also known for its soothing properties. It works well as a spot treatment for pimples and blackheads. -Rose water also has anti-bacterial properties that work well on acne. How to Use Rose Water Toner:

Add the vitamin C powder to the glass bottle. Add the distilled FACIAL SETTING SPRAY water or rose water to the bottle and shake well, till the powder is dissolved.

Once you’ve squeezed the oil into the bottle, add the glycerine and then puncture the vitamin E capsule.

Add the vitamin C powder to the glass bottle and add the rose water. Shake the bottle thoroughly, till the powder completely dissolves.

Then, add glycerine to this. Pinch the vitamin e capsules and squeeze the oil into the bottle. For more detail. Blue World City!