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Is digital marketing a good course after in India?
Digital Marketing

Is Digital Marketing a Good Course After B.Com in India?

If you are a student and looking for courses after to start your career with good salary package, in that case, you are at the right place. This article will discuss why Digital Marketing is a better career option and course after in India. However, it doesn’t matter that you are a graduate or about to graduate. You can choose digital marketing as a professional career option. In today’s time, just getting a graduation degree without any other skill will not help you get handsome paying jobs. Hence, everyone must have to learn extra skills for better career options and higher-paying jobs.

According to, over 560M people (i.e., 50% of India’s total population) in India are using the internet. It is assumed that by 2023 it will rise to 650M internet users. Presently, more people search for products and services on internet first than visiting nearby markets for best prices before purchasing. Hence, digital marketing allows the companies to be present everywhere, wherever your targeted audience is. Thus, digital marketing will also help to increase the online presence of the company.

Looking the above scenario, most companies and business owners search for digital marketing experts to help their businesses go online. Hence, there are more than 1.5 lakh career opportunities in digital marketing in India.

Now, you must have understood the increasing opportunities in digital marketing. Moreover, I have designed this article to help you decide why you should opt for a digital marketing course and why this will be a good course after B.Com.

Why should you opt for a Digital Marketing Course After B.Com?

There are many reasons to conclude that digital marketing is a good course. Let’s learn more about them below.

Growth Opportunity

Digital Marketing is a young and growing field. According to the famous International Consultancy report, PricewaterhouseCoopers, India will need at least 2 lakh digital marketers by 2022 to support the country’s increasing online businesses and improve their online presence. Many companies are demanding intelligent and skilled digital marketers with good practical knowledge. Hence, investing in a digital marketing course after can give you many amazing career growth opportunities.

Creative and Innovative Field

Digital marketing is a highly creative field. You need to be original yet innovative in content writing and designing to increase engagement, reach and user relevancy. You can show your creativity in designing your social media account posts, videos, stories, and many more to increase page likes, followers, and boost the company branding and social media presence.  Also, you can show your innovation in designing social media ad campaigns or search engine ad campaigns to maximize clicks and impressions to your website or your social media account.

Creativity and innovation will help you adapt to the changes of digital marketing, which is an ever-changing field with rapidly shifting trends.


There is good news for all the graduates who are thinking about other courses after B.Com and love to take challenges. As the world is getting back to its new normal, thus, digital marketing is giving a challenge to all old and traditional marketing techniques. As most businesses adopt digital marketing as their part of marketing, there is a lot of scope and challenges amongst other brands and companies to market their product or service or website digitally.

Fun and Flexibility

If you are searching for flexible and fun jobs, then digital marketing can be the one for you.

As the digital marketing industry is new, it provides a platform to nurture young, talented, and creative minds. Hence, it is filled with people of the same age who like to have fun while working. Working in such a young environment can increase better understanding amongst the team and helps in increasing the work productivity.
However, as the industry work is based on the internet, most companies provide flexible working hours and even offer work from home to perform their duties remotely. Hence, because of this work culture, productivity and output have increased many folds. Moreover, the work-home culture has given rise to a new term, “Workcation”, which means doing work while enjoying your vacation.

Therefore these are the few reasons why any student must prefer the Digital Marketing course as it is an excellent course after and has many career options in India.

Digital Marketing  Course After B.Com – Career Opportunities.

Career Prospects in Digital Marketing: –

Following are the career options in the Digital Marketing field that will give a bright future with a handsome salary package: –

  • SEO Executive
  • Content Marketer
  • PPC Executive
  • Content Writer
  • Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Data Analytics Professional
  • Social Media Manager
  • Web Designer
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Email Marketing Executive
  • Freelancer
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Influencer

Salary Structure in Digital Marketing

Due to the increasing gap between the high demand and less supply of digital marketers, the industry offers a good salary package compared to other professionals. Below are some job profiles with starting salary packages based on skills, experience, and knowledge of the field.

Digital marketing salary structure

The Digital Marketing course offers different job profiles, and some are mentioned above with their expected salary packages. Hence, one can choose from the above job profiles based on their skills and interest. However, if you opt to make your career as social media influencer, freelancer, affiliate marketer, or blogger, then the sky’s the limit.

After looking at this umpteen number of job profiles and their starting salary packages, we can confidently say that digital marketing is the best Job oriented course after graduation.

Now, the question arises which digital marketing institute will be best for online or offline classes? Which institute is the best for a digital marketing course after Or from where I can get the best career opportunity in digital marketing?

There are many ways to learn digital marketing. Many online courses will provide you with digital marketing knowledge and certificates for your digital marketing career. The best way to learn is to enroll yourself in the best digital marketing institute, for the best digital marketing training.

Digital marketing is a diploma course of 3-4 months, which will help you build your online marketing skills for your professional career. You can do this course while doing your graduation, or you can do it after your graduation as well. But to learn every marketing component, you need to spend 4 hours daily learning and implementing them practically. You can also join an Internship in digital marketing from a good marketing company for more working experience and practical knowledge.

Which is the best institute for a digital marketing course?

As per our in-depth research and study of many digital marketing institutes’ websites, we have narrowed it down to Quibus Trainings as India’s best digital marketing institute for an online marketing course.

Quibus Trainings - Best Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur

Quibus Training is the top-ranking institute in India for an online digital marketing course.

Few benefits you will get after joining this course are:

They provide live online classes in bilingual (i.e. English and Hindi) languages. They focus on imparting the best digital marketing knowledge with the latest Google updates and industry most tested tips with 100% practical on live projects.

Through this course, you will learn 30+ internet marketing modules that will help you understand the basics to advance marketing concepts. Meanwhile, you will also earn 10+ international industry-recognized digital marketing certificates from Google, Facebook, HubSpot, and YouTube. Apart from all these certificates, you will also get a Quibus training certificate of excellence.

Benefits after Joining Quibus Trainings’ Digital Marketing Course?

After completing the course from Quibus, you can get an opportunity for a six-months training program to enhance your digital marketing skills under industry experts. They also help their students in job placements, and they even provide job assistance for future growth.

However, you can learn more about the Quibus trainings and their courses by visiting their website.


There are many professional courses and careers a student can opt for after his But one of the most in-demand courses after is digital marketing. The internet marketing course is in high demand because of its short duration, affordable prices and various job opportunities.

As digital marketing is a new field, it is full of growth opportunities and gives you the chance to be creative, innovative, and flexible. There are many career options in digital marketing, i.e. Getting a job, creating your online business and being an influencer. This field has it all!

As per the saying, “to be the best, you need the best.” Thus, Quibus trainings is the best institute for an online digital marketing course in India. They provide live classroom training with 100% practical experience on live projects. Quibus also guide you through 30+ digital marketing modules for fundamental to advanced level understanding. They even allow you a 6-month internship opportunity under industry experts. This will help you to brush up on your marketing skills and make a successful digital marketing career.

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