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If Technology Is Effective in the Classroom – Why Do Some Students Dislike It So Much?

Text based on technology

As for the difference between basic nature and science and technology, we now offer a new definition of technology:

Scientific books on human activity.

This definition has two points:

First, technology is a scientific text.

Second, these texts are used as a guide.

Our definition does not attempt to refute existing definitions. Rather, we look at it from a different perspective, focusing on a deeper level based on the textual model of the world.

Use of technology

People’s activities are usually purposeful. Therefore, the technology has practical applications. However, the size of the application varies depending on the specific technology. Also, technology that is useful for one person at a time may not be useful for another. Things can be good or bad for the community.

Possible extension of comment

In the future and now, animals and machines can use technologies such as AI. In these cases, the impact of scientific texts is not directly on human activity, but on animals or machinery. Their use of technology resembles the human mind without the necessary changes. This definition can be extended to all human and non-human activities governed by scientific texts.

Combining non-text technology with text technology

Humans can argue about ignorant societies, and even though they are not as advanced as modern models, even animals have some technology. Without deep confusion, some are incomprehensible, for example, we pay attention to principles. Behavior, transparency, and reflection of reality are the three descriptive features of science. Modern, indeed, technology also has these features. In short, technologies in uneducated societies also consistently reflect on inherited scientific features, making them more effective than text-to-text. Scientific writings really show these qualities, simplify visual processing, and promote the potential of the human mind.

Text-based models of science and technology

Now we can offer a model based on the science and technology that guides us through the proper use of research, starting with research observations from scientific and technical texts. That is, both science and technology are linked to the text. If the goal is in the non-textual direction, focusing on the theories of creation, this applies to the science of the text. If the goal is to move from text to text, focus on the process, this text is more about technology. Activities change the environment, become the subject of new observations, and lead to the preparation of new scientific / technical notes. Thus, scientific and technical activities create boundless repetition among the surrounding text.


This new definition reflects the nature of technology. The connection between science and technology is explained and integrated into the text. The complexity of understanding the technology has decreased. This provides a new basis for discussing the future of our technological world.

Determining technology through text will also determine the scientific strength of various document systems and their technical strength.

The effectiveness of using technology in the classroom has been debated. Many educators and students believe that the use of technology is more appropriate, and that it intensifies teaching and many believe that this is causing a lot of problems and wasting time. Most teachers think that if technology is effective in the classroom; Why don’t some students like it?

3 articles were reviewed to provide an objective answer to this question. Two-thirds associate the use of classroom technology with hopeless students, while the latter translates the views of students who meet the needs of classroom technology. This means that the problem is not that technology is ineffective, but that some teachers should be concerned about the use of technology in the classroom, while others should use technology properly and teach it to students. Technology should not be a barrier. study. As an improvement tool.