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How To Utilize Your Personal Network To Get Real Estate Leads

Are you struggling to get adequate real estate leads? Whether you operate as a solo agent, as part of an established agency, or on an all in one real estate platform, you may sometimes find it tough to hunt down promising leads to continue expanding your business. Enough leads are the key to keeping your business financially viable, establishing your brand, and continuing to keep your clientele happy. Fortunately, even if you’re experiencing a dearth of leads at the moment, there are a few clever ways you could use your personal network to correct the problem. Here are a few of the top strategies for leaning on your personal and professional connections to help get you the real estate leads you need.

Considering Your Personal Network

When figuring out where to find leads or how to create a buyers list, it may be helpful to turn to your personal network first. Even if you don’t have other real estate agents in the family, those close to you may have inside tips that could point you in the right direction. Additionally, they could present a unique source of information that other agents in the industry don’t have access to! You could start by talking with:

  • Family members
  • Close friends
  • Business acquaintances from conferences and other industry events
  • Social media contacts
  • Former bosses and co-workers
  • Members of your professional organizations

How To Effectively Communicate With Your Personal Network To Gain Leads

There are numerous reasons to lean on your network when you need to gain some real estate leads. Making connections is crucial for your professional life, and can prove to be a lifesaver when business is lagging. Communicating effectively with your personal network can help you:

  • Establish a strong professional name and brand
  • Learn how to get leads for wholesaling real estate and other real estate ventures
  • Gain a wider clientele base
  • Grow your personal business and gain in-depth industry knowledge
  • Expand your professional services scope

Start using both your personal and professional networks to get hints about potential leads. For instance, try to:

  • Sit down with your family and friends and ask whether their friends or connections are searching for properties to buy
  • Join new clubs and professional organizations to strike up conversations with new people
  • Hand out your business card at every opportunity and mention that you’re currently taking on new real estate clients
  • Ask your social media connections whether they would be willing to post ads or shout-outs on your behalf
  • Attend chamber of commerce events and other local real estate events in person to listen for potential leads

Even for the most talented of real estate agents, it can sometimes be difficult to garner enough leads to keep the business humming along financially. If you’re currently in a drought of real estate leads, it may be time to turn to your personal and professional networks to correct the issue. Fortunately, there are likely numerous sources you could turn to for help. With these communication tips and strategies in mind, you can reach out to your connections to help get the real estate leads that keep your business thriving.