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How to Sell on Instagram
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How to Sell on Instagram – 5 Foolproof Tips to Increase Your Sales

Instagram is the fastest growing social network with 700 million active users per month. With so many people using the network, many saw the platform as an opportunity to increase sales.

The intense traffic opened doors for those who want to sell products and services, consolidate their brand and reach more people, which makes the network a very valuable marketing tool.

Selling on Instagram: what does it take?

For those who are or want to be an influencer, looking to sell their own image and want to know how to sell on Instagram, it is important to know that this can be a way to earn a lot of money per publication. Buying Instagram Followers Australia is far more effective than you think because it can get you instant. 

According to Forbes, a profile with 7 million followers can earn around 150 thousand dollars a month

Do you have an idea how to sell on Instagram? So follow this post to discover 5 foolproof tips to increase your sales.

You already understand that Instagram is an excellent platform to sell products and services, but how to sell through Instagram? What does it take?

The first step is to activate the business profile (Instagram for Business). Through it you have a number of advantages, having access to a series of metrics that the personal account does not provide — interactions, discovery, and content.

Interactions are the number of visits, likes, comments, and clicks that your profile had in a 7-day period.

Discovery is a metric that determines the reach of your posts and allows you to see how many hits yours had.

This count is done according to single accounts, that is, if a profile is accessed more than once, it is counted as just one discovery.

Content is a tab where you can check statistics and history for each of your publications, showing your posts by popularity and where visits came from: whether from the homepage, the search tab, your profile, or a hashtag. Similar to Instagram, it is also quite easier to Buy Facebook Likes for your page than you think, as it will require just a few clicks. 

From the content, you can also check the day and time when your users are most active, which makes it easy to schedule posts.

Do you need CNPJ to sell on Instagram?

If you’re wondering how to sell on Instagram and you’re worried because you don’t have a CNPJ, take a breath: you don’t need a CNPJ to sell on Instagram.

However, having a CNPJ helps in creating credibility with your customers.

It is even possible to sell exclusively through Instagram, without a physical store or e-commerce, creating a commercial account, posting photos, and inserting a contact with a WhatsApp number, for example, so that the customer can get in touch and make the purchase.

What are the advantages of selling through Instagram?

Did you know that 60% of Instagram users discover new products through the network?

So it is! In addition, 1/3 of the stories viewed are from companies. Anyone wondering how to sell on Instagram can also start to expect an improvement in their sales results.

From the use of commercial profiles, the platform also registered an 80% increase in time spent on videos. 

In other words, selling through Instagram can bring a number of advantages to your business, including:

  • Generation of reports to track and control your results;
  • Metrics to improve strategies on the platform;
  • Advanced targeting options: You can target your posts to people within your audience profile;
  • Traceability: You can know where users came from and identify which strategies are working best and see which ad is generating the most revenue;
  • Ability to reach new customers: 50% of Instagram users actively visit company profiles every day, which can be a great opportunity to reach new customers;
  • Instagram can serve as a space to communicate your products and services and consolidate your brand with the public.

In addition to all these advantages, the platform stands out for its visual appeal.

Anyone wondering how to sell on Instagram should keep in mind that one of the main benefits of using Instagram to sell products and services is that it is photo-centric.

Videos also gain a lot of space, surpassing even images and attracting new customers. You also need to know what is the best site to Buy Instagram Followers Canada, because otherwise, you will have compromised on low-quality services.

What to sell on Instagram?

It’s not just about how to sell on Instagram, but also what to sell. Here are some suggestions:

1. Clothes

This is one of the best-selling categories on Instagram. The more segmented the market, the better: do you want to sell plus-size clothes? Fitness fashion? Men’s clothes?

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When you segment, you better focus your energy on attracting a specific audience to your business profile.

2. Courses

You can easily find several courses, training, and qualifications on Instagram.

A very effective way to draw people’s attention to your content is through short explanatory videos, attracting curious people to your profile and the course you are offering.

We often see language teachers posting videos about language tips. The greater the engagement of the profile, the more people are interested in taking classes with them.

3. Your image

Some people believe that influencers are necessarily very famous people, like actors and singers.

However, digital influencers can actually be ordinary people, as long as they have a good following base.

Therefore, it is possible to sell the image itself to brands, making videos testing products or indicating services.

Regardless of what you’re selling, imagine having more engagement in your posts? 

Step-by-Step Guide to Sell on Instagram!

Now that you know the advantages of selling on Instagram and how easy it is to have a business account, you can follow this step by step to sell well.

1 – Have an attractive profile

Instagram is focused on images. Having an attractive profile with well-produced photos can make all the difference in your results.

There are those who still choose a color palette to make the feed flashy and maintain a visual identity. The important thing is to unite beauty and quality.

2 – Caprice in captions and descriptions

Yes, the focus is on the image, but captions and descriptions are also very important to keep your followers interested.

After all, the more relevant the content of your captions and the clearer your product descriptions, the greater the number of people interested in what you’re offering.

3- Interact with your followers

Publishing is not enough. Your followers want to feel seen and important, too. Therefore, following up on comments increases salesYou can like your followers’ comments on your posts and reply to them.

4- Make partnerships

Making partnerships on Instagram is also a good choice. You can look for partners that are not competitors and provide complementary products or services.

Imagine, for example, a clothing store partnering with a washing powder. The customer will know where to buy their clothes and what is the best product to keep them clean.

Seeking influencers who have the following base interested in your product or service is also a good strategy.

5 – Increase your reach

Now, if you really want to have visibility, what you need is to increase the reach of your brand.

To do this, you need to increase engagement, that is, the number of likes, comments, shares, and other interactions with your posts.

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As you can see, Instagram can be a great opportunity to increase your sales and, to do that, you need to consolidate your brand, make it popular.

If you’re wondering how to sell on Instagram, there’s a way to improve your results.

With a good service provider, this task is much simpler: in addition to being very easy and fast, you will be engaged with real profiles! Exactly, no fake profiles, real accounts will be interacting with your brand and increasing your reach!

Muhammad Asad Raza