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retrieve deleted contacts from Gmail
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How to retrieve deleted gmail contacts

Two days ago, I downloaded some contacts management app and synchronized all my phone contact lists, then all my contacts were all of a sudden gone in Google and on my phone, so how do I retrieve deleted contacts from Gmail?

retrieve deleted contacts from Gmail

If you have proper backups and knowledge of how to do it, deleted contacts can still be recovered. The tools you are going to use for recovery also play a major role in your task’s success.

This is the query of a user who facing this kind of issue. So, this article will help in such type of situations and gives you the best solution to cope up with these. First, we need to understand all about Google Contacts.

Google Contacts is a cloud-based service that allows you to store Google’s contact data and also store personal information, such as photos, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. Google contacts keep data on Google servers, so it is always accessible to users from any part of the world if they have internet connectivity.

As compared to Google Contacts other Google services such as Google Drive, Gmail, calendars, etc. can easily access this data. As a product of Gmail’s Google services, you can synchronize the Contacts straight from your mail. This makes it simpler for users to send a message straight to the individual involved.

After knowing the Google Contacts we move towards the steps to solve this issue.

Steps to recover deleted Google contacts:

Google Contacts stores information on cloud servers that enables users to collect the deleted items until they have not crossed the limit of 30 days.

You don’t have to worry about a single contact being lost when you have synchronized your contacts with Google. Google took into account all such data loss situations. Just log in and retrieve deleted contacts from Gmail.

You have three methods to do this: restore contacts, import contacts, and export contacts.

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  1. Restore Contacts:
  2. Using a web browser go to (by logging into your Gmail account and then using the drop-down menu, you can also go to this site by clicking on Contacts to take you to this page).
  3. Click Restore contacts from the Google Contacts screen’s left-hand menu. If you do not see the option Restore Contact, click on ‘More’ to expand additional activities.
  4. Then a pop-up window appears with the few time frames you can select from to restore your contacts.
  5. Then select the desired time and click on the Restore button.
  • Export Contacts:
  • First login to your Gmail account or go to
  • From the left menu, click on export. This will provide you with older google contacts version.
  • On top, there is a “More” tab under which you find Export.
  • Select the desired contacts to export with the export file format.
  • Then click Export.
  • Select the file located to save contacts.
  • Import Contacts:

If you have a CSV file available on your desktop and need to export it back to your Gmail, this option can be used:

  • Sign in to your Gmail account.
  • From the left sidebar menu, click on Import.
  • After click on the import section, window explorer will appear to allow you to choose the desired file to import.
  • Then, select the CSV file and click Open.
  • Click on Import.
  • At last, all contacts will now be imported to Google Contacts.


Gmail offers it’s users with an excellent choice to synchronize their cloud contacts, and the above-detailed steps will teach you how to retrieve the deleted Gmail contact. In the above article, we addressed the traditional way of getting back deleted contacts from Gmail as well as professional Gmail backup software. You can use the above explained manual method to get back your deleted contacts. For more information, you can visit blogs of Cigati

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