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How to Restore Corrupted Excel Files on Your PC

Microsoft Excel files are frequently used to store and manage large amounts of data by its users. However, Excel files can get damaged, resulting in considerable productivity loss and the loss of essential data. In this post, we’ll look at the causes of Excel file corruption as well as how to repair corrupted excel file.

What causes corruption of excel files?

An Excel file might become damaged due to a variety of circumstances.

  • System Shutdown or Power Failure: When the system unexpectedly shuts down, or there is an unexpected power outage, the MS Excel file is likely to get damaged.
  • Virus or Malware Attack: This is one of the most typical causes of file corruption. As a result, antivirus software must constantly be up to date.
  • Faulty Sectors on the Hard Drive: When a hard drive contains bad sectors, the files stored on it are more likely to get corrupted.
  • Excel Files of Excessive Size: Storing an excessive quantity of data in a file causes corruption.
  • Unsupported Excel File Version: Opening or modifying an Excel file from an earlier version, such as Excel 2007, in a newer version may cause the file to be damaged or corrupted.
  • Other causes: These issues might be caused by a third-party program, an untrustworthy plugin, forcible conversion of the file, or any other reason.

Common Approaches for Repairing Excel Files

After discussing a few causes of corrupted excel files, let’s look at some ways to repair files.

1. Make use of MS Excel’s native repair feature.

Microsoft has included an in-built fixing option to make it easier for us to correct minor faults with our Office documents. As a result, if your XLS or XLSX files are just slightly damaged, you may quickly fix them using this application’s inherent capability.

Simply run the MS Excel application and navigate the Menu > File > Open function to repair damaged and corrupt files. You can now easily find and pick the damaged Excel document stored on your machine.

Instead of loading it traditionally in Excel, you may now use the dropdown button next to the Open feature. Instead, you may choose the “Open and Repair” option and wait for MS Excel to attempt to repair the selected file.

2. Delete any unnecessary temporary Excel data.

There may be a problem with the stored temporary files in MS Excel that causes a conflict with your files at times. This problem, however, is readily fixed by uninstalling any temporary Office data from your machine.

Simply run Windows Explorer and navigate to the Windows disc (like the C: drive). Go to Users > [Username] > AppData > Local > Microsoft > Office now.

You may manually search for files with the “tmp” extension and erase them from your system from here. Following that, you can reload MS Excel and attempt to load your faulty XLS file.

3. Use an antivirus program to scan your corrupt XLS file.

As I said above, your file might become damaged if it is infected with a virus or malware. As a result, you may easily scan damaged or corrupt files using a security application to fix them.

To apply this repair, just pick the file, right-click it, and choose to scan it with any reputable antivirus program. Even if you don’t have any anti-malware software installed, you may check the file using Microsoft Defender, Windows’ built-in security utility.

4. Make use of a professional file repair tool.

If the preceding procedure fails, you can use a professional file repair program, such as Wondershare Repairit – File Repair. It is a simple-to-use tool that can fix numerous Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and PDF files with a single click.

Repairing Excel Files using Repairit

With Wondershare Repairit, you may repair your Excel files that have been damaged in any situation.

Step 1: Open Repairit – File Repair and import the damaged Excel files.

Launch Wondershare Repairit and navigate to the File repair option in its sidebar to repair damaged or corrupted files. You may now quickly identify and load any corrupted file on the program by clicking the “Add” button.

After you have successfully loaded your files into Repairit, you will be able to examine their details.

Step 2: Use Repairit to repair the loaded documents.

Once your corrupted Excel files are imported, you can view their details on the side (such as size and location) and begin the repair process by clicking the “Repair” button.

A message is displayed informing you of the number of files that have been repaired. Files that have been successfully repaired will have a “Completed” signal next to their icon.

Step3: Examine the Results and Export your Excel Files

Wondershare Repairit will notify you once the repair procedure is complete. You may now examine its data mending outcomes by simply clicking on the “Preview” button.

You may check if the loaded document has been corrected by receiving a preview of it on the native interface of Repairit.

That’s about all! If you are happy with the findings, just click the “Save” button next to the file’s metadata. This allows you to save your corrected files from Repairit to any safe location on your computer.

As a result, Wondershare Repairit will properly save your documents to the location you specify on your Windows PC. The application will alert you of the total number of files exported. The tool will not export a file that has not been corrected.

You can now easily retrieve your restored files by going to the specific area on your Windows PC where they are saved.


It is strongly advised that you take care to avoid corrupting your Excel file in the first place. Still, If your file becomes corrupted and cannot be opened, you may fix it using the Microsoft Excel repair program. If the utility does not work, try Wondershare Repairit, a professional file repair application.

Wondershare Repairit makes resolving such issues within seconds, as it offers a rapid, user-friendly, and effective solution for repairing damaged files on your system. Anyone may use Wondershare Repairit software to fix damaged Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF files on their Windows PC. If your files are also corrupted or damaged, download Wondershare Repairit and use its above-mentioned simple process to fix them.

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