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How to Resolve The QuickBooks Script Error?

Getting QuickBooks Script error while looking at a webpage through QuickBooks? We can help. When facing the script error, the webpage fails to load and states: an error occurred in the script of this page.

In this article, we’ll explain to you the causes for the script error occurrence and the fixation methods to overcome this stubborn error effectively. So, let’s begin.

What causes the script error in QuickBooks?

The major reason for the script error in QuickBooks is due to Internet misconfigurations. However, there are some more factors that lead the script error to appear. 

Furthermore, discovering its causes will help you to prevent it from happening again. Here are its causes:

  • If you try importing the data using a non-existing account.
  • In case of Importing an invoice with non-matching account details.
  • Having disabled or blocked functions for script processing.
  • Malware corrupt your system components that lead to a script error.
  • In case the downloaded data is incompatible with script software.
  • Corrupt cache folder of your browser.
  • Absent or corrupt system components.
  • Corrupt windows or QuickBooks

Indications Of Script Error In QuickBooks

The majority of users utilize QuickBooks Tool Hub to resolve the script error in QuickBooks. However, prior to using the tool hub and other fixation methods, it’s crucial to ensure the error by verifying the below symptoms:

  • The online bank website is throwing an error message when you attempt to enter bank feeds.
  • Getting script error while you sign in to QBO using Internet Explorer.
  • Facing process time out while loading the QuickBooks Online.
  • Your system can’t process the mouse or keyboard inputs.
  • Your internet starts performing slower than normal.
  • The Windows keep getting blocked when you attempt to sign in.

6 Effective Ways To Resolve The QuickBooks Script Error

Now that the causes and indications for the QuickBooks script error are clarified, let’s move to the fixation methods for this stubborn error. Furthermore, we recommend you apply these methods sequentially.

Method 1: Using QB Install Diagnostic Tool

The QuickBooks Install Diagnostics Tool can be found under the Tool Hub. It is the general and most effective method to resolve the script error from QuickBooks. Follow these:

  • Initially, you must download QuickBooks Tool Hub to your system.
  • Thereafter, launch it and start its installation with the on-screen instructions.
  • Next, once your “Finish” its installation, launch the tool hub from the Desktop.
  • Now, from the dashboard, click “Installation Issues”.
  • Finally, run “QuickBooks-Install-Diagnostic-Tool”.

After completing these steps, verify for the script error. If the script errors remain, clear your browsers’ cache.

Method 2: Delete The Cache Of Your Browser

The cookies, temporary files, and history of your internet browser cause the script error to occur. Clearing the cache is proven to fix this issue. Here’s how:

  • First, launch the “Internet-Explorer”.
  • Thereafter, tap on “Tools” and choose “Internet-Options”.
  • Next, visit “General” and you’ll see the “History” tab.
  • Now, under it, tap “Delete” and mark all.
  • Finally, click “Ok”.

Now check for the presence of QuickBooks script error and follow next.

Method 3: Disable The Add-Ons

After you use QuickBooks Tool Hub and clear your browser’s cache, you need to ensure that there are no add-ons in your Internet Explorer. If there is then disable it. Here’s how:

  • To begin with, launch your Internet Explorer and visit “Tools”.
  • Next, tap on “Internet-Options” and reach “Programs”.
  • Now, simply choose to “Manage Add-Ons”.
  • Finally, select and “Disable” the add-ons then tap “OK” to confirm.

Method 4: Reactivate IE 11 On Windows 10

In case you’re getting the QuickBooks script error code on Windows 10, reactivating the IE 11 will help you fix it. Here’s how:

  • Initially, hold “Windows” and “R”.
  • Then, input Control Panel.
  • Next, press “Enter”.
  • Now, tap “Add/Remove-Program”.
  • After that, visit “Turn-Windows-Features”.
  • Thereafter, uncheck Internet Explorer 11.
  • Next, reboot your Windows.
  • Then, reach “Turn-Windows-Features” again.
  • Now, mark Internet Explorer 11.
  • Finally, run a restart.

The QuickBooks script error should not trouble the Windows 10 users anymore. 

Method 5: Reset Your Browser To Default

Tools like QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool helps users fix connectivity issues. However, resetting your browser setting to default also helps fix any misconfiguration of the IE to resolve the QuickBooks script error. Follow these:

  • First, visit the “Internet-Options” section on your IE.
  • Thereafter, choose “Advanced” and click “Reset-Default”.
  • Finally, “Apply” changes then hit “OK”.

Now, your browser’s settings are reset to default. Hence, the QuickBooks script error should disappear.

Method 6: Make Intuit A Trusted Website

If you encounter the QuickBooks script error while accessing a web source, you must add the web source as trusted. It can be done by exempting the website from security checks. Here’s how:

  • Launch “Internet-Explorer” and reach “Settings”.
  • Visit “Security” and in the “Trusted-Sites”, add *
  • Now, exit from “Trusted-Sites” and untick “Enable-Protected-Mode”.
  • Finally, close Internet-Explorer.

These steps will make Intuit a trusted website for Internet Explorer and now, you won’t be getting the QuickBooks script error anymore.

Wrapping Up

The QuickBooks script error is troubling for a lot of people and usually emergers due to browser misconfiguration. Fortunately, the above-mentioned methods are sufficient to resolve this error permanently. Moreover, the information we deliver to you is carefully researched and all of our methods are well tested.

Sanket Goyal
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