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repair a Corrupted PowerPoint File
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How to repair a Corrupted PowerPoint File

How to repair a Corrupted PowerPoint File

The most important or challenging part to deal with all powerpoint files is corruption. As we all know that corruption in a PowerPoint file can destroy your important presentation.

Don’t worry we do provide the solution of issues related to powerpoint presentation.

And you will find the best solution in the below steps to get your corrupted powerpoint back quickly:

repair a Corrupted PowerPoint File
How to repair a Corrupted PowerPoint File

This article explains how to manually repair corrupt or damaged PowerPoint presentation documents. So, read the article efficiently then choose the best way to solve the corrupt presentation of PowerPoint.

Before going to find the solution for the corruption in the powerpoint file first we need to know the causes or symptoms related to this :


When you are trying to open a presentation, you  will receive one of the following error messages:

  • The first error is This is not a PowerPoint Presentation.
  • The second error is PowerPoint cannot open the type of file that is represented by <file_name>.ppt.
  • The third error is Part of the file is missing.

Also, you will receive the following types of error messages:

  1. Out of memory
  2. Illegal Instruction
  3. Invalid Page Fault
  4. General Protection Fault
  5. Low system resources

After knowing the causes we have to find the solution for all the causes and the solutions are given below:

Solution 1: Transfer the Corrupt PowerPoint Presentation to another location.

  • If you are trying to open the PPT file that is stored on an external hard drive or removable storage device, then copy the file to the internal hard drive of your computer and open it.
  • If the damaged presentation file is already in the hard drive of the system, then copy it to another drive (preferably external drive) and open it. Make sure you also copy the images, videos or other media files that have been added to your PowerPoint presentation while moving the file.
  • This method’s aim is to remove your storage device’s corruption problems that could prevent you from accessing the PowerPoint file.
  • If there is a problem with your location/drive storage where the PPT file is saved, this move will fix your problem.
  • If you can open the presentation file after shifting it to the second drive, you can scan and repair the former disk.

Solution 2: Open PowerPoint in Safe Mode

Opening PowerPoint application in Safe Mode can solve your issue as the application begins with characteristics such as add-ins, extensions, customizations, etc. in Safe Mode.

  • Then Go to the Start menu, click on Windows and R keys together.
  •  Click on OK
  •  Open your corrupt presentation file.

If your presentation file usually opens or operates in safe mode, then the functionality of the application will be affected by add-ins, extensions or custom settings that you created in PowerPoint. So, go through the options for PowerPoint and do troubleshooting.

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Solution 3: Insert Corrupt Presentation Slides into New File

This is one of the most promising and easiest techniques to handle corrupt PowerPoint presentations. You can insert PowerPoint presentation corrupt or damaged slides into a new blank file without opening the broken PPT.

So, here’s how to insert into a new blank file slides from the corrupt presentation.

For PowerPoint 2003 or its previous versions.

  1. First Open a new blank PowerPoint file.
  2. Then In-Home tab, select Insert after this select Slides from Files option.
  3. Then Use Slide Finder and then open your corrupt PowerPoint presentation
  4. At the right side of the bottom, Check the Keep source formatting box.
  5. Then click on the Insert All option.
  6. Save this recreated presentation file in a new location.

For PowerPoint 2007 or its advanced versions

  1. First, Open a new blank PowerPoint file.
  2. In-Home tab, click on New Slide and then choose Reuse Slides.
  3. By clicking the Browse button Open your corrupt PowerPoint presentation.
  4. Then all sides of your corrupt presentation will be shown on the right panel.
  5. At the right side of the bottom, Check the Keep source formatting box.
  6. Do Right-click on a slide and select on  Insert All Slides.
  7. Then, at last, save this recreated presentation file in a new location.

If after adding slides from the corrupted presentation you can not access the recreated file, open the recreated file in PowerPoint. Select Save As and rename it. Then Go to Design, click on Themes, then  Browse… in the category Themes. Open in solution #3 the recreated presentation file and press the Apply button.

Solution 4: Open and Repair PowerPoint Slides

Microsoft PowerPoint provides an integrated solution to repair and restore PowerPoint slides in the folder called Open and Repair. So, use this option and attempt to repair your corrupt files.

Instructions for repairing corrupt PowerPoint presentation files.

  1. Open the PowerPoint app, then go to Menu File and click on the Open.
  2. Browse and then select your corrupt presentation file.
  3. Do click on the small arrow located beside the Open button and then select the Open and Repair option.
  4. At last, wait for the completion of the repair process.

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 Conclusion: By reading the above article you get the best solution for the corrupted powerpoint file issue. These are all manual steps from which you can find the corrupted powerpoint file back. Do follow the above steps. As this kind of issue is very common so for this you can follow the above method it whichever you want to use. I assure you that you will find the best solution from the above steps. There are all the causes given above so that you are aware of and find the best way to move out form this type of problem-related to powerpoint in windows.

Muhammad Asad Raza

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