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Summertime means one thing no matter where you live…bug season. Not only do bugs thrive most in the summer, they also breed in the summer so it is very important to protect your house from bugs. Mosquitoes, spiders, lovebugs, stink bugs, and chinch bugs are just a few of the pests that appear in abundance throughout the warmer months.

There are many ways to protect your home from bugs, but the easiest way is to spray for pests. You can either purchase insect killer from a home improvement store or you can call a professional ants control to come and check the outside of your home for signs of bugs and then they can spray pesticides to remove and deter bugs from returning.

Another easy way to remove bugs from inside of your home if they have already gotten in would be to set up traps. Ant traps, roach traps and fly traps can be purchased at any home improvement or grocery store and can be highly effective in killing and removing bugs that are in your home.


A few ways to keep your home pest free are as easy as keeping your lights dim outside to deter bugs and be sure to spray your patio furniture with disinfectant if you eat outside, this will ensure there is no food or beverages leftover that may have spilled. Another easy way would be to light citronella candles to keep mosquitoes away. Also be sure to keep fire wood, leaf piles and standing water away from your house as they all attract insects.

Not protecting your home from bugs in the summer can lead to many problems such as termites causing foundation problems to your home, chinch bugs can destroy your grass, mosquitoes can transmit diseases such as West Nile virus, and bees and spiders can cause deadly allergic reactions.

Everyone loves to enjoy the warm weather that the summer brings, so be sure to take all precautions to protect your home from bugs this season.

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