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How to Pack Glass Candles for Shipping

Shipping glass candles require special care because they are delicate and easily scratched. If you’re packaging candles for shipping, it’s essential to make sure they arrive just as beautiful as they did when they left. Here, we’ll answer any questions about shipping glass candles, including how to package candles, concerns about shipping candles during the summer, and more.

Do candles ship by mail?

Absolutely! You have a wide range of options beyond USPS, as all major shipping providers accept candles, including UPS, FedEx, and DHL. Choosing the best carrier for shipping your candles may depend on which one offers the best service and the most competitive prices. A customer’s willingness to pay more for faster shipping is another pertinent factor to take into account. 

Shipping rates vary widely when selling online. A shipping calculator automatically calculates shipping rates based on many factors, such as the shipping address, the delivery speed, and the method of shipping chosen. Many e-commerce websites offer a built-in shipping calculator, making it easy for customers to decide how to ship their goods. Adding one might be a good idea if you don’t already have one installed on your site.

Candle Shipping Tips for Summer

Warm summer temperatures and very hot delivery trucks can cause problems with candles. You can ensure your candles arrive in good condition if you ship them in the summer. You can do this by wrapping them in frozen gel packs. In this way, the candles can remain cool without freezing, which can crack their wax.

Additionally, using express shipping means your candles will spend less time in poorly cooled shipping facilities and delivery trucks. Expediting shipping also maximizes the cooling effects of the gel packs, which only stay cold for a limited time. Furthermore, you can reduce the chances of your candles spending most of the day baking in the mailbox or waiting on the front doorstep by using automated email or text delivery reminders.

Read More About These Tips Below.

It takes a lot of care and attention to create candles your customers will love, so it makes sense to make sure those candles arrive safely. We will demonstrate ways to pack glass candles for shipping so they reach their destination in good shape and appear their best when the customers unbox them.

Choose the Right Shipping Boxes 

Glass jars or tins work for most candles. The bumps drop and jostle inherent in the shipping process distinctly increase their vulnerability to damage. You want to make sure your candles make it to their final destination in pristine condition, so you need to select the right shipping container.

For shipping candles, corrugated cardboard is an ideal packaging material. It consists of two layers separated by a fluted middle layer. Each layer provides sufficient protection and cushioning during transport. Lastly, pick a shipping box that is slightly larger than your candles themselves. Doing so will ensure you have enough room for packing materials inside the box.

Take Care When Packing.

Although corrugated folding cartons provide some protection on the outside, they don’t eliminate the need for padding inside the carton. The candle won’t move around inside the box if you use shredded kraft paper or bubble wrap. Glass jars are more likely to break or tin cans to dent if there is a lot of movement. 

Maximize the Unboxing Experience

Buying candles is a fun splurge for most people. Having a candle glow is a calming experience that many people enjoy. Wouldn’t it make sense to create an unboxing experience to match that sense of anticipation? Starting with the materials you have to include anyway, strategically customizing the unboxing process will make it stand out.

Consider selecting unique packing materials, such as colored tissue paper that complement the scent of the candle it comes with. It is also possible to customize cardboard shipping containers with custom artwork, witty advertising copy, or both. If your company has a low order volume, you can also include a postcard-sized insert with a handwritten note.

An unboxing experience is made even more special by packaging your candle in a custom carton. If you want to give your customers a memorable unboxing experience, there is no limit. 

Elevate Your Brand with Custom Labels

Many people have candles in their homes. Your customers will enjoy using and displaying a quality candle with custom labels. You will also stand out from your competitors with custom labels. You can brand directly on candle jars or packaging, and they can be very effective at communicating your brand message.

Paper, metallic plastic, and black matte labels are all excellent choices for candle labels. You can add custom artwork and lettering to each label. Creating candle labels as unique as the candles themselves is easy and affordable. 


The packaging plays a vital role in any business. In addition to manufacturing and storing products, they must move over long distances. For pack glass candles for shipping purposes, the packaging should be of the utmost quality with the importance of the brand in mind. Packing ensures that the product reaches its destination safely, and is safe from jolts on the roads. By fitting the products into the boxes, the candles are safe from shaking. You might even experience jolts and packages falling on the road while shipping through a vehicle or by hand.

Are You Ready to Ship Your Candles? 

Are you able to ship candles? Sure! Shipping candles is an easy way for you to expand your business far beyond the local market, regardless of whether you mail them yourself or use another carrier. Your candle creations will reach their destinations safely if you follow the tips to pack glass candle for shipping.

The packaging industry offers a range of customizable folding cartons that look great and provide ample protection while being shipped. Besides custom candle labels, they also offer jars and packaging with custom candle labels. After selecting a packaging solution, you can reach the Customer Care Team via Live Chat or by phone with any questions regarding label selection or printing! They are always ready to assist you about your label needs.