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How to organize Instagram feed
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How to organize Instagram feed? 7 must-see tips!

Knowing how to organize your Instagram feed is essential if you want to stand out in this channel, improve your online positioning and, of course, attract new followers and boost your profile’s engagement rates.

In fact, Instagram is currently the most engaged social network, surpassing Facebook which, for a long time, was among the most used channels by users around the world.

With about 1 billion subscribers, according to a survey by the social network itself, 90% of these users follow at least one company profile. In this time of intense competition, now, it can be really hard to see visible growth on Instagram, but now you also have an option to buy Instagram Followers Australia at an affordable price point. 

There is a lot of space on this social network and if you want to hit it once and for all, the time is now. Come with us as we’ll give you the best tips on how to organize Instagram.

Why organize an Instagram feed?

Do you know that saying “The first impression is the one that stays”? Well, know that it is also valid for social networks, such as Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, among others.

A cluttered feed with a heavy layout lowers the audience’s identification with your profile. Therefore, keeping a nice and attractive appearance will make users want to follow your posts.

In addition, the platform itself values ​​creative Instagram feeds, coherent content, and profiles that really generate value for users.

To gain your audience’s interest, remember that visual appeal, especially in a network of images and videos, is the big move to increase your audience’s engagement and get more likes, reel views, and even Instagram sales.

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How to organize Instagram feed? 7 tips!

Now that you understand the importance of knowing how to organize your Instagram feed, check out 7 foolproof tips to make your profile more clean, beautiful, and attractive. Take a look and start making changes to your channel right now.

Make rows of photos that match each other

The first rule of thumb is to think before posting any photos. For the images to have harmony, insert rows of photos that match each other. Buy real Instagram Followers to build the credibility of your business and gain more recognition.

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Make a post planning and understand which photos will be more harmonious side by side. Think about the colors, the sequence of subjects, and also the images that will follow.

Remember that choosing the images to organize your Instagram feed is critical.

Apply similar filters

Don’t fall for the bandwagon of using filters indiscriminately. The platform offers a universe of Instagram filters, but so that your profile doesn’t look like a real carnival, prioritize, at most, the use of two filters with very similar colors.

When making edits, the proposal is to avoid contrasts that could interfere with the user experience.

Play with the Instagram grid

Is it possible to organize the Instagram feed? The answer is yes, as we’ve talked about here. So, a good way to make your profile more attractive is to play with the Instagram grid.

With several lines offered by the feed, you can change the layout of images in the most diverse formats that will certainly give them a more attractive tone.

Organize Instagram feed by color

Colors are also great elements for creating unit patterns. Thus, on Instagram, it is possible to establish the colors that will be predominant in your feed.

So that there is harmony and consistency with the proposal of your profile, choose a palette of tones that has to do with your brand or that guarantees an interesting contrast.

Think about your feed when taking pictures

The most engaging Instagram creative feeds have image cohesion.

Therefore, whenever you take photos to use on your social network channel, always think about the layout of the feed’s images, the colors, the elements, and its proposal.

Be careful not to take random photos that have nothing to do with the image you want to convey to your audience.

Play with mosaics in the feed

One of the most used strategies today is to make the feed a real puzzle, composing a mosaic of photos, which forms a larger image. When putting together this mosaic, always think if the single images really make sense.

But be smart with the disclosure! After all, a bunch of meaningless photos in your unexplained feed can create the opposite effect.

Standardize edges and cutouts

If you want to have a profile that stands out on Instagram, another way to get your audience’s attention is to standardize the edges and clippings of your feed images.

It is possible to establish a standard layout where the images will be inserted so that the publications are not disproportionate. This care will make your feed harmonious and elegant.

How to organize Instagram feed with apps?

Nowadays, there are many application options to organize the Instagram feed, such as VSCO, one of the most used editing options for business and personal profiles with several filters and more advanced editing possibilities. We’d also advice you to check SuperViral.Ca reviews before going to make any purchase.  

The UNUM is a kind of feed graphic designer, where you can test the posts that will appear on your Instagram profile, then edit them. The coolest thing is that this app provides a blank grid, where you can add photos from your gallery.

Another application to organize the Instagram feed is Afterlight, one of the best-known. It is an editing app with tools to change contrast, shadows, colors, and textures, and offers other filters and custom borders from the tool itself.

How to organize the Instagram feed: conclusion

Now that you know how to organize your Instagram feed, it’s time to get your hands dirty and start changing your profile and increasing your channel’s engagement.

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