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How to Hang Heavy Chandelier like a Pro - the Complete Guide
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How to Hang Heavy Chandelier like a Pro – the Complete Guide

How you hang a chandelier determines how it shines bright in your home. From the chic globe chandeliers to wheel chandeliers and other options that are available in the market, you can make your home look stylish and sophisticated. However, some chandeliers can be heavy, and this makes it a little harder to hang them. When the heavyweight of the fixture combines with high heights and maybe your low skill level, it can make it cumbersome for you to install the light fixture in your home.

This may be a valid reason why you may need to procure the help of an experienced electrician since this will help you in avoiding injuries. However, if you are comfortable with your skills, you can go ahead and hang your chandelier. If that’s the case, these tips should help you hang your heavy chandelier successfully.

What you will need

  • Four in one screwdrivers
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Voltage tester
  • Ladder
  • Wirecutter
  • Tape measure
  • 10-30 ground-screw
  • Electrical box
  • Electrical tape
  • Wire nuts
  • Light fixture


1. Choose the right place to install the chandelier

Make sure that at the exact point where you want to install the chandelier, there is a structure that can support the weight. In most instances, struts are capable of supporting weights of up to 50 pounds before there is a need for an extra mounting stud.

2. Remove old fixtures, if there is a need for that

You can remove the old screws from the dome box using the screws, and the domed canopy. Remove any detachable piece from the old chandelier and lower it to the ground carefully.

3. Check the wires to be used for connection

Take note of the wires that connected the old fixture to a power source. In essence, there should be two or more colors, and you should be able to identify them using their colors. Also available is a diagram that helps you to know where each wire goes. If you find it hard, you can mark the wires with different colored tapes to make them easier to identify.

4. Ensure that the power is off

This is a necessity before you start the installation. You may suffer an electric shock if you don’t do this.

5. Get the electrical box ready

Remove the mounting box, also called the electrical box. Put it back and ensure that it’s firmly mounted and fastened to the ceiling using strong screws.

6. Figure out of the chandelier needs assembly or not

In some instances, the chandelier’s components may arrive fully assembled. If not, you can install quickly by following the manufacturer’s instructions. While doing this, wipe away dust.

7. Measure the length of the chain

The length of your chandelier’s chain should be 4 inches, in addition to one chain link for every chandelier loop that is hanging.

8. Attach the chandelier

Mount the chandelier to the bracket, or inside the electrical box. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

9. Connect the wires (black and white)

Connect those black and white wires, and press them to ensure that they are tight. Make sure that all the wires are okay. Return the canopy to hide the wiring.

10. Add the lights and you are done!

Add the incandescent lights and enjoy the warm glow that your heavy chandelier offers.

Sanket Goyal
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