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How To Find Mugshots From Previous Arrests

Mugshots are a type of booking photograph that is often taken during an arrest. After an arrest, these photos are used as a form of identification for former criminals in case they face another criminal charge. Mugshots can be either front or profile shots and can be digital or traditional photographs. mugshots can be used to identify criminal suspects, to confirm the identity of someone who has been arrested, or to help track down criminals like sex offenders for public safety.

Mugshots have been used by law enforcement to identify and track criminals for over a century. The first mugshots were taken in the late 1800s, and their use continues to this day as a part of an arrest record or a criminal record. The difficulty of mugshots is that they’re public records, and a person’s mugshot can come up on background checks and can make it difficult for a former inmate to find a good job.

For any reason, if you want to look up a mugshot, there are tools available to you.

Use a search engine specifically devoted to mugshots.

The best and most efficient way to lookup a person’s mugshot is to find a site specifically designed for it. Typing “how to find mugshots” in a search engine will bring you to sites like There you’ll be able to find mugshots of anyone from inmate mugshots to sex offender mugshots. The search results can be edited and/or filtered by first name, last name, date range, crime type, incident type, and other factors.

Ask family members if they know of any previous arrests.

When you’re looking for someone’s arrest mugshot, it can very likely be a family member or friend you’re looking for. Your family may be able to help you get the contact information necessary to narrow your search. Public arrest records have many names and faces and knowing the specifics can make searching less strenuous for you and your emotions.

Mugshots also show up on the sex offender registry and finding someone you know or have recently met on that list can be shocking. But it’s important for public safety, and you’ll find where the sex offender’s current location is. Thus getting family members to speak about a family friend or relative’s arrest record can be beneficial to protecting your children and yourself.

You can contact a private investigator.


Private investigators play a very important role in our society. They help to solve crimes, track down criminals, and provide valuable information to clients. They help others by being people who are good at finding information and are passionate about their work. Hiring a private investigator can be expensive, however, so looking into your other options like a specific search engine or a family member’s information can save you money until you need to call in a professional.

As a last resort or even a first resort, people seek out private investigators to investigate people they’re wary of and need to perform a background check on when a website or a family member can’t provide much help. A private investigator that specializes in looking through public records and finding people can hunt down their criminal record information so you can make an informed decision about interacting with them.

Criminal activity is scary and meeting someone who has had a history of crime can be stressful, especially if you’re trying to reconnect with a family member or friend. Using an online locator is your best bet to finding if they have a mugshot, which will then lead to their record. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe by making sure you know who you’re interacting with.

Sanket Goyal
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