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OSRS Shattered Relics League, Features and Preview

Don’t miss out on the shortest League in OSRS yet! The Shattered Relics League is currently ongoing until March 2, 2022.

It took a while to get here, but the Shattered Relics League is finally here. Originally set to release in November 2021, the third League in Old School RuneScape’s launch was delayed to January 19, 2022. The theme is set around adventure and collection, and it’s the first League to expand upon the lore of the game by introducing a new NPC, The Sage. It’s crazy to see that players are already achieving Leagues Firsts less than 24 hours after its launch – it just goes to show how much hype is surrounding Shattered Relics. In this seasonal event where players are challenged with OSRS gold farming, skill, content, and boss restrictions, newcomers need to know exactly what they’re getting themselves into.

The Ins and Outs of An OSRS League

Leagues are a seasonal variant of Old School RuneScape that works similarly to Deadman Mode where players are basically ironmen: everyone starts without any stats,OSRS gold, or items in a different world that won’t affect anything permanently in the world of OSRS. To be completely blunt, it means that any rewards or progress that you’ve earned in the duration of the League won’t carry over to the next iteration – what happens in a League, stays in that League.

Leagues usually last for two months, but with Shattered Relics being available for only six weeks, it’s the shortest League ever, only lasting from January 19 to March 2.

What to Expect In Shattered Relics

In Shattered Relics, players have access to the entirety of the world map which is a breath of fresh air in comparison to the area-restricted Trailblazer and Twisted Leagues. However, they won’t have full access to various bosses and their skills just yet; they’ll need to be unlocked through Sage’s Renown, a currency that players can earn by completing specific tasks within the Shattered Relics League. League Points can also be earned which can be used to purchase cosmetic rewards from the Leagues Rewards Shop when the end of the League draws near.

Other than Sage’s Renown and League Points, players can find relic fragments scattered throughout the map that contain their buffs. To put it simply, relics are unlocks that used to have powerful effects in past Leagues which are shattered into less powerful fragments for this League. These fragments can be collected by engaging in various activities within the League such as by doing minigames, combat, and skilling. Players initially can only equip one fragment; however, they can unlock the ability to equip more once they complete more tasks.

The best part of Leagues, in general, is that the EXP rate is five times the usual rate, so you don’t have to worry about not having enough time to level up your character. Given the temporary traits of Shattered Relics, it takes considerably less time to bulk up when compared to the main game.

Taking Up Tasks

Tasks in the Shattered League allow players to earn Sage’s Renown and League points, which, in turn, enables them to unlock more skills, bosses, Fragment slots, and auto-unlock quests. There are five different difficulty levels for tasks: Master, Elite, Hard, Medium, and Easy. There are hundreds of tasks to complete in the League, ranging from killing certain bosses to reaching a level in a skill. Like in the previous Leagues, tasks are also divided into regions despite the entire world map being accessible (except for boss instances). With every task that a player completes, Sage’s Renown and League Points will be rewarded to them based on the difficulty level they chose.

Snagging Rewards

Once Shattered Relics concludes, players may spend their League points to unlock rewards permanently. The Weapon Variety Pack is among the most exciting rewards available for the League. This is a skin for six of the most commonly used high-level OSRS items like the Rune Crossbow, Mystic Robes, Abyssal Whip, Abyssal Tentacle, and the God Books. The pack also comes with an ornament kit that overrides the design of the dwarf multi-cannon. Besides the Weapon Variety Pack, players can also obtain League trophies which they can display in their POH’s League Hall.

Final Thoughts

Leagues are always a fantastic way to practice farming OSRS gold andOSRS GP. Plus, what better way to explore an otherwise old game through different restrictions and lenses? This forces players to prioritize some skills over others, develop unique strategies, and join the race for resources. If you haven’t been active in Old School RuneScape for a while, the Shattered Relics League can be a fun way to return to the game.

Are you playing Shattered Relics League right now? What do you think of it so far? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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