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How to Eat Healthily While Preparing for Government Exams?

Students study day and night to achieve their goal to get government job.  To crack government exams students need to work extensively as the competition is quite intense.  The vacancies are fewer while the candidates are in lakhs. Also, you need to clear all the three stages to get a government job. 

But it is a common observation that many students do not take care of their diets and health.  They often undermine the importance of good health and just focus on studying alone. This is a grave mistake as ignoring health impacts your preparations. To be able to do well in the exams you need to develop physical and mental fitness.  Your food should contain all the necessary nutrients which can provide you with adequate energy to prepare well.

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Importance of a healthy diet while preparing for exams 

  • It helps you maintain adequate energy levels. When your nourishment is adequate you can perform better and stay alert throughout the day 
  • It helps your brain to retain more information and grasp new concepts quickly
  • It enables you to feel less drowsy
  • It helps you to stay free from diseases and reduce the risks of developing any major ailment.

Now you have read about the importance of good health it’s vital to know about the tips to maintain a healthy diet. 

 Eat a balanced diet

To stay healthy you need to take a balanced diet. You should include all the essential nutrients as every nutrient has its own individual importance. Just consuming particular types of foods will not make you healthy. You need to include carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc. You can prepare a diet chart to better understand what to consume and in which quantities. 

Limit consumption of junk food 

Students have the habit of consuming junk food a lot. They just care about the taste of the food rather than the nutritional component.. Now junk foods are loaded with artificial flavors to make them taste delicious but these flavors are very harmful. Firstly they make you addicted to junk food. You crave again and again to consume it. Then these artificial agents can also impact your physical health and lead to physical symptoms etc. So the need of the hour for students is to completely avoid junk food while they prepare for government exams.

Stay physically active

Now eating alone isn’t enough. You need to stay physically active also. The food you eat gets digested better if you do proper exercise. You need not  spend lots of  time staying physically active. Engaging in  30 minutes of physical activity will be sufficient .  You can also start practicing different poses of yoga. This will not only ensure you stay healthy but relax your mind and keep all worries at bay.  The simplest way to stay active is to go out for a simple jog.  It will keep your muscles active and boost the release of feel-good hormones.  So try to stay as much physically active as possible no matter how hectic your schedule is. It’s not hard to take out 30/40 minutes from your whole schedule to invest in physical activity. 

Consume enough water 

Students often undermine the importance of drinking enough water.  See staying hydrated is crucial to staying healthy and fit. Dehydration can lead to several bad impacts on your health. Often students forget to drink enough glasses of water while preparing for government exams. They get so absorbed in preparing for exams that they do not take care of basic things like these which in the end affects their health adversely. 

We recommend you keep a water bottle with you while you are preparing for the government exams. Keep sipping on water regularly.  This will ensure that you stay properly hydrated

Say no to energy drinks

There has been a substantial increase in the consumption of energy drinks among youngsters.  Earlier these drinks were available at limited places. But now you can find them at hook and corner. Energy drinks mislead the youngsters by providing fake advertisements. Contrary to their names these drinks actually lessen your energy and make you feel drowsy and tired. They have harmful substances like caffeine added to them. So you have to strictly avoid the consumption of energy drinks if you wish to stay healthy. These drinks can damage your body badly.

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Control your cravings 

You might often get tempted to indulge in eating sugary stuff often.  See it is fine to crave such foods once in a while. In fact, you can eat them once a week as a treat to yourself for all the hard work and efforts you are putting in. But regular consumption of such foods is strongly discouraged. The more you consume such food the more you will develop a craving for the same.  You will start finding it hard to focus on your studies then. So limit your cravings.


So it is vital to eat healthy if you are preparing for government exams. We hope you will follow all these topics and eat healthily.