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How to Download YouTube Videos With Video Downloader

YouTube is the biggest video platform. Everyone enjoys watching videos here. You can watch your videos on YouTube online and as well as offline. For watching offline videos on YouTube you have to download that video first, but you can only watch that video in YouTube only.

Here, I am going to share with you 2 Tips & Tricks for mobile. By following  them you can easily completely download your YouTube video and watch it in your mobile gallery too.

YouTube Video Downloader



You can download YouTube video by either using an video downloading app ( Which will allow you to download a video directly from YouTube ) or copy and pasting your video URL on a video downloading website. To do this, kindly follow the methods described below.

1# By Using YouTube Video Downloader

As i mentioned above , You can use a video downloader app to download your desire video from YouTube. There are a lot of such apps that you can use but here, i am going to share with an app called KeepVid. 

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How To Use KeepVid App to download YouTube Video

KeepVid is one of the most well known YouTube video downloader.  And istandout among other Android video downloaders. This video downloader can download YouTube videos with quicker speed than other video downloader.

You can download this app by clicking on KeepVidAfter, downloading and installing KeepVid follow these steps :

Open KeepVid app and go to you YouTube from app. Now, search your desired video you want to download. You will see a download ( icon )  below the video, Click on it and select the quality and your download will start to began.

2# By Copying & Pasting Video URL On Video Downloading Website

If you don’t want to use any app for downloading YouTube videos. Here is a simple and easy trick you can follow.Simply open YouTube app and search your video and play it. Then, copy the URL of the video. After copying the video URL go to the website link  >>

When you open the link. You will see a bar to paste the link ” Just Insert Link” Paste the link there and click on blue color arrow. It will show you a preview you that YouTube video from there, select the quality of the video and click on download.


So, we have told you 2 way for youtube video downloading. Did you get benefit by our article. How helpful was this YouTube videos downloading article. Kindly share your thoughts below in the comments. 

Muhammad Asad Raza

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