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How to Design Your Website Like a Pro
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How to Design Your Website Like a Pro

So, you’re finally starting up your small business online? Congrats! 

How to Design Your Website Like a Pro

Now, you have a few more steps to do on your list. And one of them is the most important ingredient: designing your website to primarily build a good impression that will appeal to your potential clients. 

You can always seek help from reputable digital marketing agencies or hire a freelance web designer to work for you. But if you think you have an eye for creativity, then you don’t have to be a Silicon Valley whizz-kid or a genius graphic artist type because there are several paid and free platforms that can help you create and style your very own website. Plus, you’ve got this article to guide you through the entire creation. So, read on as we take a run through on each step of designing your very first website.  

Know the purpose of your business. 

Before you dive into designing your website, you must know what exactly your business is trying to achieve. What’s your purpose? What do you want your target customers to see? Knowing the core of the business can help you come up with setting the mood and vibe for your theme. Once you establish a clear purpose, the next step is to think of what you want the audience to see after landing on your page. Is your website only intended for sharing info, shopping, or signing up accounts? Your answer to this will give your website a lucid view of how it looks and feels. 

Know the purpose of your business.

Look for the latest web design trends. 

Web design trends may evolve quickly so you have to be keen about what’s going on with the online world. Although, it’s not always necessary for you to follow what’s on-trend. Just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s essential and relevant to the mood of your business. You still have to stick on what your website needs to have. Meanwhile, some of the web design trends that some business may find useful are using chatbot supports and micro-interactions to basically create a stronger and more personal connection with customers. 

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Choose your working platform. 

Hiring agencies to help you create an efficient website can be eye-wateringly expensive. Good news, you don’t need to memorise a confusing series of codes because there are several online tools that will allow you to create and design your own website in more simplified ways. You can find plenty of them on the internet but let me start with WordPress: the elephant in the room.






After choosing the right platform and setting the theme for your website, it’s time to customise your template. Fill it with good content and then try to play with colour schemes, fonts, imagery, and layout. Make sure to reflect on your purpose when choosing these important elements. The infographic below will help you pick the most relevant colours for your branding. 

Review and improve.

When everything’s settled, take time to review your website as if you are a customer visiting your site for the first time. Observe if you have reached your expectations. Review your link to see if users are landing on the right page. Check if your website looks good on a desktop, mobile phone, or tablet. And don’t forget to revise any minimal errors that you might notice. Even the simplest typographical error can affect your brand’s credibility so work on it before you finally go live.

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