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How to Choose a Pressure Cooker for Home?

Modern urban life is relatively busy. It takes a long time to cook a hearty meal such as stewed chicken, beef stew, stewed trotters, etc., but using a pressure cooker can save a lot of time. Therefore, pressure cookers are indispensable in most family kitchens now. When choosing a pressure cooker, pay attention to the following problems Currys discount code.

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Boiling Function

When choosing a pressure cooker, you can choose one with an intelligent boiling function, so that cooking food can make it move fully in the pot, the nutrients inside can be fully released, and the taste is softer and more tender.

Without this function, the food is statically stewed at high temperatures, the nutrition is not easy to release, the taste will not be soft and tender, and the meat quality will be tight.

Sealing Ring

The sealing ring is a relatively small part of the pressure cooker, but its function is very important. With the sealing ring, the sealing of the pot can be better, and the sealing ring can be removed for cleaning, without leaving food residue and soup, which is safer and more hygienic.

Better materials generally include imported silica gel, etc., with a longer service life. Some pressure cookers do not have a sealing ring, or the material of the sealing ring is not good, it is inconvenient to clean, and it is not durable.

If the sealing ring is broken, the pressure cooker cannot be used, and maintenance is required, which is very troublesome.

Also Depends on the Shell

When many people buy a pressure cooker, they don’t pay attention to the shape and material of the outer casing, thinking that there is nothing important about it, but the outer casing is also very important.

The design of the shell is reasonable, so it is easy to clean and does not affect the appearance. If something is not good-looking, we will not feel comfortable using it; the material should also be wear-resistant and environmentally friendly so that the pressure cooker can be used for a longer period of time.

Some pressure cookers have a white plastic casing, which tends to turn yellow after a long time, and some even have a plastic smell. Such pressure cookers are not durable and environmentally friendly, so they are not recommended.

Look at the hot Plate

The heating plate of the pressure cooker is the part of the bottom of the pot that is used to heat. For a high-quality pressure cooker, the chassis should have fast heating speed, uniform heat transfer, high heat storage, and no deformation after long-term use, and it is better to have the function of preventing dry burning, which is safer.

If the heating plate heats unevenly, it will lead to uneven heating of the food, the effect of cooking is not good, and it is easy to dry, which is more dangerous. Such is the electric pressure cooker of poor quality.

Liner is very Important

The inner pot of the pressure cooker is a very important part. When choosing a pressure cooker, you should choose a thicker inner liner, which has a good heat preservation effect and can lock in the nutrition of the food; the coating of the inner liner is also very important.

It should be wear-resistant, not easy to fall off, high-temperature resistant, and healthy and environmentally friendly. Harmless to the human body, such an electric pressure cooker is of high quality.

However, if the inner pot is thin, it is easy to lose temperature and nutrients; the non-stick coating of the inner pot is not resistant to wear, it is easy to fall off, and the service life is not long. Such a pressure cooker cannot be selected. Amazon Discount Code NHS.


The pressure cooker can be used not only for cooking. But also for cooking rice, and the rice is more elastic. If you are afraid that the rice and vegetables will be mixed. You can choose the one with two inner pots, one for cooking rice and one for cooking. Which is very convenient and can save money on the rice cooker.

How to choose an electric pressure cooker

The electric pressure cooker is a new type of cooker that China has only started to produce and use in recent years. Its convenience, safety, and functions have surpassed traditional pressure cookers.

Due to its high price and people’s lack of understanding of its performance. Its use is not popular enough so far, and it is not available in many small towns.

Along with the raising of people’s living standards Currys discount code, the use of electric pressure cookers must become more and more popular.

Now is the eve of the Spring Festival. There should be many families considering buying an electric pressure cooker. Planning to use it to assist in cooking a few prosperous Spring Festival meals. Hope this article can give you a little help.


  1. cooker. As long as you have used an ordinary pressure cooker. You can easily grasp the essentials of its use. So the following focuses on the use of an electric pressure cooker when the pressure is not adjusted.

When the pressure is not adjusted Currys discount code. The working pressure of the electric pressure cooker is generally divided into several levels from 5 to 10. Which are represented by numbers 1, 2, …, and 10 respectively.

The larger the number, the greater the working pressure. We can set the working pressure according to the cooking needs.

For example, adjust the pressure button to 1 for steaming rice. 6 electric pressure cookers are divided into two categories, one is constant pressure and time adjustment. And the other is pressure and non-adjustment time.

  1. When the constant pressure is adjusted Currys discount code, the operating pressure of this type of electric pressure cooker is fixed, and the set time is used to cook different foods.
  2. When the pressure is not adjusted. The operating pressure of this type of electric pressure cooker can be adjusted within a certain range. And different foods can be cooked by adjusting the pressure without setting the time. eBay Discount Code NHS

The working method of an electric pressure cooker with constant pressure. Time adjustment is similar to the ordinary pressure cooker. But it is more convenient to use than ordinary pressure or stewing pork ribs. And 10 for stewing old sow’s trotters.

Adjust the pressure and turn on the power. When it reaches the pressure you set. It will automatically cut off the power, and the pressure will automatically drop to normal pressure to open the pot. It’s that simple.