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How to change twitter handle
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How To Change Twitter Handle – Easy Steps Explained

This is a question we’re asked a great thing. Many Individuals want To change their Twitter Handle. They inquire, Can I change my twitter handle?

This can occur for several reasons. Sometime the name needs to be changed for personal reasons, sometimes as part of a rebranding exercise. So, Here Is the way for you to change your Twitter handle.

When Twitter first became popular, many people set up accounts with their real names or using arbitrary online handles. Now they could be eager to modify or change their Twitter handles to a more appropriate name  that shows their brand or online identity.

There is no need to close your account and begin from scratch. And if you’ve got a fantastic network of followers, then you will not be willing to do this. As It takes time to develop the followers on Twitter again.

What Can You Choose For Your Twitter handle

Your Twitter handle doesn’t need to be your actual name. In case you’ve got a company, it can be handy to use your business name. This depends upon the way you want to build and promote your brand online. Take a look at some other Twitter handles used by people and companies. It gives you a fantastic idea on which handles you should use in your account.

Your username is also your unique Twitter handle, and it’s the name that appears on top of your profile and in your tweets. It’s the name which appears after the”@” sign. It is possible to use your real name also and it will appear above your  username or handle on your Twitter profile page, and on your tweets  and Twitter feed.

How To Modify Or Change Your Twitter handle

  • Log into your account on Twitter. Proceed to Account Settings to ensure the main interface for placing opens up.

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  • Choose, change your Username. To do that you just type in your selected name. You are able to add an underscore within the name to spate words and you can also add numerical figures if desired or required.
  • Remember that your user name must be 15 characters or less. You can’t use the words Twitter or Admin in your username and you can only use alphanumerical characters.
  • The name you choose may have been taken. You’ll be given choices which are free, or you can try something else. For very common names and words, it will be a matter of trying several until your chosen name comes up as available.
  • Confirm your selected twitter handle and save changes. That’s it, you’re all done!

Your Twitter handle is important and should be unique so people may find you through search easily. To pick the ideal Twitter handle, think about your business name, the nature of your company and also, consider what’s easy to remember and to type. No-one likes a tough and awkward Twitter handle to remember.


Additionally, it is worth considering how it looks. If you want to use your twitter handle to business cards, letterheads and on your website, you will want it to look nice and professional together with your postal address and web address.

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