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How To Change An Image Background On Android (Easy)

Images and text always don’t play together. Sometimes images are the main part of the design so image or photo must be very good and some time you also need to change the background to make the text clear. If you have to change the background of an image you must have a graphic designer to remove the background. To solve this problem, we made an android application for every android user to easily change the background of an image.

There are lots of apps on play store but this app has another feature too. It is Image cut paste, and background remover also.

Image Cut Paste & Background Eraser

Image Background Changer

Use Cutout’s Smart catch when you have a photograph where the closer view has clean edges and is really unmistakable from the foundation. Simply tap it, at that point drag your finger in one wide stroke to demonstrate where the foundation is, and watch it vanish. Use Restore and Erase to adjust. Modify the size of your finger swipes with the Size slider in the lower right-hand corner of your picture.

Use the Manual catch when you have a forefront with less particular edges. It requires all the more cleaning; however, it might work better on certain pictures.

Change gives you a chance to calibrate your decisions when you’re reestablishing and deleting. Tap Edges and modify how sharp or feathered the edges of your picture look by moving the slider up or down.

The reverse gives you a chance to swap the eradicated part for the non-deleted some portion of your picture and the other way around. Reset wipes away the entirety of your progressions and returns your picture to its unique brilliance. Shape removes the foundation and fits the part you need to keep inside the limits of whatever shape you select. When you pick a shape, you can change its size and position over your unique picture.

Open your photograph on Background changer application.

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From the Layers palette, click Convert to layer.

Snap your picture layer and the Graphics palette will open up.

Snap Erase, change your eraser size and start deleting the foundation away.

Paint back parts you may have incidentally eradicated or click the Undo button in the base toolbar.

Your picture will consequently be spared to Hub, yet on the off chance that you trade it, ensure it’s a PNG record.

When you’ve cut the foundation from your picture, you’re prepared to put it over another foundation. Here’s the ticket:

Pick a picture you need to use as your new foundation. On the off chance that you don’t have a picture as a primary concern, attempt stock photograph stash (click the Photos tab on the left).

Tap Graphics on the portable application or snap Add your very own picture at the highest point of the Graphics board on and select the pattern photograph you spared in Hub or on your PC.

Play around with the picture (change size, direction) until it’s in its optimal spot.

Ta-da! You did it! 🙂 Leave your feedback in the comments section below, If you enjoy reading this short article.

Muhammad Asad Raza

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