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How to buy property file for top real estate project

Since 2014, the real estate market in Pakistan has seen a surge in the number of new high-end projects being developed. Upon further investigation, you will discover that practically every major city in Pakistan is experiencing tremendous growth in the real estate market. Whatever the size of the development, every new property development carries with it the potential for real estate investment for both local and international investors. However, to make an informed decision about whether to invest in new property development in any of Pakistan’s major cities, it is necessary to understand the difference between a plot and a plot file. So that we can make things easier for you, we’ll go over some of the essential aspects of plot files, as well as how to purchase property files for high-end real estate development projects.

What is a Property File, and how does it work?

The real estate industry refers to a written promise to a property investor of a piece of land with a specific area size in a proposed or current housing society or scheme, as opposed to an oral promise. It lacks a physical presence and isn’t recognized or approved by the local planning authorities, which is unfortunate. After passing through the balloting process of the relevant housing scheme or real estate plan, plot files are assigned a specific number and transformed into actual legitimate plots.

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Buying a Property file is a good idea

There are fewer formalities required in the ownership procedure for plot files compared to plots, making them more affordable. For example, we could look at Bahria Town Karachi to purchase a one-kanal property for as little as 6 lakh rupees. A 1 kanal plot of land, on the other hand, can be purchased for as little as 28 lakh rupees. There is a significant difference between buying a plot of land and purchasing a property file, and this distinction may influence your decision when purchasing real estate. However, even though plot files are less expensive, the local development authority rarely regulates the sale and acquisition of plot files.

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Balloting is defined as follows

Balloting is a real estate investment term that refers to the process of assigning plot numbers to prospective buyers in a specific top real estate development project. When it comes to planned property development, balloting is usually a tie between the petitioners for plots and the petitioners for property files. One type of balloting is known as a booking ballot, in which candidates who intend to book properties on an installment basis participate, and the other is known as a plot ballot, in which purchasers who intend to pay the entire amount to own a property participate, and as a result of the balloting, a map with physical allocations is issued.

What is the best way to purchase property files?

Property developments are currently underway in Pakistan, with the most notable being  Taj Residencia, Star Avenue-Rabia Residency, Rudn Enclave and Park view city, are names of a few notable examples. Plots and plot files are available for download from these projects. However, to keep costs down, most of these property developments are still in the planning stages and therefore have more plot file alternatives than actual plots available.

Taj Residencia

The Taj Residencia, an upcoming luxurious living residence in Islamabad, should be your first choice for an elegant living residence. The Sardar Group of Companies has done exceptionally well in delivering on their promise to be significantly ahead of the competition and to complete profitable projects on time.

Centaurus Mall is a premium housing development and commercial district in Islamabad with success and the correct concept of a premium housing development and commercial district.

Taj Residencia is a densely populated neighborhood. Its residents will enjoy a high standard of living, warm hospitality, and a safe environment. The society is also in an excellent location, close to CDA sectors I-14 and I-15 and directly across the street from the Link Road, which makes Islamabad incredibly convenient to access. The newly constructed buildings are in high demand, and the vast majority of the available properties have already been leased. As a result, it is expected that future interest rates will only rise. Furthermore, plots are required for immediate ownership following the payment of the initial deposit! It implies that you will be able to begin construction on your home as soon as possible.

Aside from that, Taj Residencia offers a luxurious living environment—your dream home! With all of the most up-to-date amenities and a fantastic location. Besides that, Taj’s road map is designed so that you can travel only a few kilometers and still find everything you need. Medical centers, classrooms, universities, shopping malls, Carrefour, and many other facilities are all readily available to visitors. To ensure that Taj residents can get to hospitals. Airports in less than five or ten minutes in an emergency, special attention is paid to hospitals and airports. Both primary services, such as water, electricity, coal, and other commodities, are fully operational, with no significant interruptions in service or supply. Aside from that, the Taj Housing Society’s expansion prospects are looking brighter than ever, as the designers are continuing to construct phase 2 after phase 1 is completed.


We’ve highlighted the necessary variables above, as well as the average costs of plot files, to help you better understand what property files are and how we can obtain them for you. Because real estate value has increased significantly in recent years, it is relatively simple to find a good deal on a house in Pakistan with a bit of research. The expansion of the market and the implementation of well-coordinated initiatives have made it easier to identify the most promising investment opportunities. If you intend to invest in new real estate development, you should know the differences between plots and plot files before beginning your research.

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