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How to Buy Perfume

Buying perfume or personal perfume can be a daunting task, especially for a friend or boyfriend. Obviously, you can’t compare real perfumes to online perfumes. But if you know exactly what you are looking for, Telepathy Perfumes easily compares different offers from different brands and vendors. So how do you know what you’re looking for? The following simple steps will make searching a little easier.

The fragrance should be personal.

Perfume essential oils react differently to each person. Some perfumes are more convenient for some individuals than others, and some perfumes are collective and some are different. It should reflect the behavior and attitudes of your chosen wearer, as well as the state of your attitude towards clothing. For example, your mother will not buy perfume that you just bought for your new girlfriend.

There are six different smells that express a different mood. If you knew the buyer’s favorite brand, one of the perfumes of the same family or the complementary family would be a suitable purchase.

With flowers

It is the largest and most popular category and consists of flowers such as roses, lovers, oranges, garden and jasmine. They often make a unique bouquet of flowers. Clinical Aromatics Alexis, Ralph Lauren Romance and Yves St. Laurent Paris is one of the most popular examples in this category.


The fragrance of this group comes from citrus fruits such as lemon, lemon, mandarin and mandarin. This perfume gives a clear, dark color that is naturally renewable and vibrant. Lemongrass is one of the oldest fragrances. They used to be worn by men and are now popular with women. Some popular examples include Calvin Klein CK One, Gucci Gucci and Jessica McClintock Jesse.


This is a wooden perfume created by the French perfumer Francois Corti and based on the sighting of the island of Cyprus. The aroma of bergamot, oak moss, lemon and peach predominates. Miss Dyer, Hermes Kalich and Cindy Adams gossip are some of the famous examples.

Orientation Management.

The oriental fragrance is a warm blend of spices, barn, balm and gum that symbolizes warmth and exotic beauty and is popular for evening wear. Some examples include the Calvin Klein obsession, Yves Street. Includes Lauren Opium and Five Star King Cheese.

Green leaves

The green smell will be fresh and vibrant, and the young grass will create an unforgettable scent with pine, juniper and grass. They reflect the personality of the sport and are great for day wear. Popular examples include Cartier So Pretty, Ralph Lauren Safari and Hanae Mori Haute Couture.


This is a combination of the sixth type of new grass and mass furnaces to create a modern urban style. Some popular examples are Elizabeth Arden Bluegrass, Pierre Ellis Reserve and Davidoff Coulter.

Weather conditions and energy

The choice of perfume worn by a person is often influenced by weather and events. Summer requires a cold smell, but winter brings a deeper and warmer smell. Spring is the return of news, and autumn is a critical time.

Choosing a day outfit and a daily routine requires different scents for the evening. An intimate dinner can offer a different scent for a family reunion. When buying perfume for someone, think about when it can be worn as you wish.

The second is the relative strength of the essential oils and their fineness. There are four different types of fat depending on their strength.

Eau de parfum has the strongest concentration and usually contains 15-22% essential oil.

The average concentration of Eau de Toilets is 8-15% essential oil.

Eau de cologne (or Cologne) contains 4-8% essential oil.

Eau fraiche is the finest fragrance in essential oils with a concentration of 1 – 3%.

The concentration level indicates the size of the bottle and its value. A large portion will cost less than a milliliter, but even a small popular election can cost a lot of money. Here you can really pay. Standard perfume bottles are usually in the range of 50ml, 75ml, 100ml or 125ml. You can usually buy what is called a test volume, and if you are experimenting with a new perfume, or if you need a choice for travel, this is a good choice. These are usually 25-40 ml. Finally, the size of the collector, usually called a small bottle, can be 7ml or 10ml.

Research and testing

When you buy perfume, it’s common to see it.