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How to boost your website traffic with social media?

Getting traffic on the website is one of the problems almost every new website owner face. They work very hard on doing SEO but that is a time-consuming process and as we all know more traffic on the website will help the SEO. Social media can work pretty cool to get more traffic on your website for free (or you can also use paid ads to reach more audience).
As Mari Smith said, “Content is King but engagement is queen!”, You have to agree with this statement. Let’s say you have posted the unique content which is not present anywhere on the internet but how will your audience find that unique content if your site traffic is low? You have to make your content go viral! But how? Well, Social media have the power to make go content viral within no time. But for that kind of result, you have to take efforts.
Here is how to get your blog noticed on social media and get huge traffic to your website
boost your website traffic with social media

 Share your blog on Facebook groups

A Facebook group is a group of people who share a similar set of interest. There are many groups on Facebook where you can share your blog (blog of all niche). You can go to a Facebook search and type your keyword (e.g. share your blog, boost your blog, etc.). On such groups, you will receive a good amount of traffic on your site. You can also do the same in return for those who share their blog link (give and take is a great deal, isn’t it?).

Show some interest on Pinterest too

Pinterest works magically for generating traffic on blogs. All you have to do is make an attractive Pinterest image with a super attractive headline on it which will force the user to click on your post and land on your website. It is found that picture with bright colour combination gets more click and have greater engagement rate so before designing any graphic for Pinterest post keep the colour combination in mind. It is an amazing platform and many bloggers have already said that Pinterest is their major source for getting tons of visitors on their website.

Have you thought about sharing your blog on Tumblr?

This is what Wikipedia page says, “Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website. The service allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog. Users can follow other users’ blogs. Bloggers can also make their blogs private.”

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Apart from setting up your private blog on Tumblr, you can use this platform to share the content which you have already published on your original blogging site. The best part of Tumblr is that those people who love your writing and your blogs they can follow you. This way, they will read your blog every time you share it on this platform. This will work like they are subscribing to your mailing list.

How can we forget Instagram?

Well, Instagram is one of the major social networking sites and it’s best for image sharing. You must be wondering if Instagram doesn’t allow clickable link on the post so is it possible to generate traffic? The answer is YES! You can place your link on profile bio. Apart from bio, you can also share a link on stories with swipe up (see more) feature, but this only works if you have 10K followers. So, you also have to work on getting more followers on your Instagram account to activate this feature.
Another best thing what I love about Instagram is the hashtag popularity. Hashtag works like a miracle on Instagram. On Instagram, user can follow their favourite hashtag so whenever anyone posts anything with that hashtag, they can see that post on their timeline like any other normal post. This feature can help to get more engagement not only on your Instagram post but also on your website.

Post same content multiple time

No one remembers what you have posted last month. It either gets lost in the ocean of post on social media or your audience may have just missed your post. You can take advantage of this. Post the same content again. This time change the caption of the post. Make your caption more creative and engaging. Even Garrett Moon in one of his article
 on Neil Patel’s site said about the benefits of sharing content more than once. Posting the same content with the time gap will also help to avoid spamming the audience and followers. It is a proven skill to get more traffic on the website and help to viral the content on the web.

A different strategy for different Social networking platform is a must!

Every social media platform is unique and they have a different set of features. It is advised to have a different strategy for different platforms.
For Example, Instagram is an image sharing platform. It focuses more on images and only first few words from caption are displayed so the audience usually ignores reading captions where they have to click on read more button. So, the marketer has to work on creating an engaging photo for Instagram.  Similarly, on LinkedIn, you have to focus more on caption text so highlight the main points of the article on caption itself which will encourage the audience to click on the link to visit and read your blog. 


Social media marketing
is a great way to get more visitors on your site and that too for free. This was some of the tricks to get traffic on your website from social media. However, these tricks are useful if you post the article on your website. If you have more tips on how to get more traffic from social media please write it down in the comment section.
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