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How to Access Webmail in Namecheap – cPanel Email Login

In this article you will get some steps, or complete a guide to access webmail in Namecheap through the cPanel account. There is also the option Namecheap webmail login email without a cPanel account.

You must create email accounts in Namecheap cPanel, to access them through webmail client applications. Namecheap is one of the leading and known cheap web hosting India providers in the world, they provide all web hosting needs and services to their customers with affordable costing.

Namecheap alternatives such as DomainRacer, HostGator are also great options for all web hosting features with less costing. They all offer affordable plans, features, and services

Namecheap offers unlimited features to their customers, one of those is, you can create domain extension email accounts through cPanel and access those email accounts with webmail applications in the cPanel account.

How to Access Webmail in Namecheap Hosting?

Nowadays every web hosting provider offers the service to create free domain name extension email accounts. You can create unlimited email accounts and use them for business needs.

Namecheap webmail can be accessed in two ways, that are:

  • Access add webmail in the Namecheap server through the cPanel account.
  • Access webmail in Namecheap without a cPanel account.

Both are easy ways to add access the Namecheap webmail sign up cpanel account, you can choose anyone. 

The following are the steps to check webmail in Namecheap through the cPanel account.

Create webmail in Namecheap through the cPanel account.


To access and check webmail in Namecheap cPanel account. First, you have to log in Namecheap cPanel account with the password.


After cPanel login, you will see many files and settings options on the screen.

Now , From these option click on the “Mail” icon. Under the “Mail” section, You will see  “Email Accounts” option, Click on it.

namecheap webmail cpanel


After clicking on the “Email Accounts” option, scroll down the page and search for the email accounts which you want to access in webmail client applications.

On the right-hand side click on 

“More->Access Webmail” option.

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After click on the “Access Webmail” option, you will see the three webmail client application. They are:

  • SquirrelMail
  • Horde
  • RoundCube
namecheap webmail app

SquirrelMail webmail client: This is a simple interface useful for small scale business.

Horde webmail client: This is applicable for all types of users and best for productivity tools support.

RoundCube webmail client: This application is best for who needs, user-friendly with additional features.

You can select any application webmail in Namecheap best unlimited reseller hosting depending on your business needs.

Just select and click on any one application that you want and choose as default to access your webmail accounts. Now you are done, to access webmail in Namecheap through the cPanel account.

Access webmail in Namecheap without a cPanel account.

This is another way to access a webmail account in Namecheap without a cPanel account. 

This method is very simple and takes less time to access accounts. Most of the users prefer this method which is more time-saving.

Step 1:

For this method, you need to first open your web browser.

Step 2:

Now type anyone of the below URL link directly into the web browser and access webmail cpanel email login account.


Step 3:

Now enter your password of email accounts and choose webmail applications and login to access the email data. 

Now you are done, to access webmail in Namecheap without a cPanel account.

Above are the complete steps to access webmail in Namecheap without a cPanel account.

Namecheap has its data centers in various countries such as the US, UK to host the websites. People who are looking to host their website in the US, UK countries then Namecheap is the best option for them.

Namecheap provides the top quality services with less costing and its servers are speedy, reliable and secure.


You can access webmail in Namecheap application through cPanel and you can also access webmail in Namecheap without cPanel account, both are easy ways to access email account data.

As I discussed above DomainRacer and HostGator are the best alternatives for Namecheap. You can choose any web hosting provider depends on requirements. They all provide unlimited webmail accounts with their different plans.

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