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You need to sign in before you can use the learning management system. With this manual, getting started is a breeze. Prospective students can find a multitude of resources at the online university, such as Who logs into the virtual classroom?

Don’t freak out if you’ve forgotten your vulms login password or can’t figure out how to log in. The site allows for the recovery of lost passwords. All that is necessary is a web browser and internet connection. For the recovery process to work, please adhere to the instructions in the email. Simply type in your email address and follow the instructions to reset your password. We’ll email you a link to change your password. Use this email to log in to the system and get started with the lesson.

The home page of the learning system is where you’ll find sections for your profile and coursework. Here you may find out how many class sessions are scheduled for the upcoming week. Assisting the general public, especially the poor, is a learning system’s primary goal. The internet’s convenience means you don’t even have to leave your house to get the answers you want. A distance learning platform is a lifesaver if you need to get an education but don’t have the time to attend classes in person.

Initiating Logging Procedures

To get started, start the MonitorWare Agent.

  • It’s possible to pick from several different languages. To reiterate, I think it would be best to print the directions in English.
  • To generate a new set of rules, right-click the “Rules” tab. A selection panel will pop up. You may access “Add Rule Set” from this drop-down.
  • Now is the time for the magic to happen. Adjust the title of the regulation as you see fit. For the sake of this example, we shall use database logging.
  • Only the box labelled “Enable database logging” needs to be selected. There are no more options to choose from in this sample. In addition, you should select the choices that allow you to “Create Regulations for every one of the following acts.” Click the following button: There’ll be a prompt asking you to confirm. Just hit “Finish”, and the ruleset will be built for you.
  • We now see the updated “Database Logging” set of regulations. To configure the database logging, select “Database Logging” at the action level of the rule.
  • The Sources Of information (ODBC) button will take you to the ODBC Different Data Administrator. In a moment, you’ll be introduced to the ODBC Multi-Data Administrator. Choose the “Computer DSN” menu and the “Add” button to create a new System-DSN.
  • Click “Select” and navigate to the directory where you unzipped MonitorWare Agents, then double-click the sample database sample97.mdb to load it (typically C: programme filesMonitorWareAgent). The screenshot below shows that we gave the new DSN the name “MyDatabaseDSN” and clicked the OK button.
  • After using the ODBC Different Data Administrator, head back to the MonitorWare Agents Client & locate the DSN box. Inside this box, type “MyDatabaseDSN.” Keep the other options as they are to keep the changes.


You may wonder if employers will recognise your degree from a Virtual University in the country of your choice. As things stand, the answer is an emphatic yes. The World Education Services (WES), the most prestigious education group in the world, has stated that online degrees are valid and respected. A bachelor’s degree from an online school in Canada is equivalent to a master’s degree in the United States.

A “virtual university” is an educational institution that operates primarily through the delivery of distance learning courses. These strategies allow a wider variety of people to participate in the same educational activities. This is a great alternative for students who either can’t move close enough to campus or require more independence than a traditional university can offer. It is also widely accepted in academic institutions worldwide.

You’ll need to adhere to a few rules. In most cases, a degree earned through a distance learning programme is not as valuable as one from a traditional university. Exams and assignments submitted by undergraduates are used to evaluate the quality of a course. A “Mickey Mouse” course can consist of nothing but a random assortment of worthless assignments. Therefore, designing a rigorous examination for a global audience may be difficult. The benefits of distance learning are thereby nullified. This necessitates using lecture notes and exam formats common to academic institutions.

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