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How This Social Entrepreneur Is Helping People – Valentin Luboya

Social entrepreneurship is motivated by a desire to achieve social change.The era of social entrepreneurship is rapidly growing into a dynamic mix of traditional management abilities with a focus on community and its needs.Over the last few decades, this type of entrepreneurship has evolved as a means of identifying problems and bringing about potentially significant societal change. There are multiple organizations whose main vision is to make a difference.

Typically, the goal is to help a certain group of people, permanently changing their lives by changing the socioeconomic equilibrium that works against them. The focus of the benefit is frequently on economically disadvantaged or marginalized part of society that lacks the resources to improve its social or economic prospects without assistance. There is this one person who is helping people in changing their lives is Valentin Luboya. He is one of the greatest names in this field. Let’s have a look at who he is and how he’s helping people through his business.

About Valentin Luboya

Born in 1956, Valentin Luboya is a real estate investor, author, internet marketer, strategist, and an entrepreneur.He graduated from the University of Kaplan in Arlington with a real estate license. He has been married to Theresa Luboya for the past twenty-eight years and has two grandchildren and with whom he wants to share his amazing experiences that he has had throughout his life and wants to leave a legacy for them.

His Goal in Life

Providing assistance to others is Valentin Luboya’s main goal in life. For him sharing his knowledge is one of the simplest ways to help people.  While also making money, he shares his valuable tips with people so that they can be successful in their businesses. In order to help people around him, he started working in the web advertising industry and because of his expertise; he has helped a great number of people in laying the right foundation for their businesses till now. He also founded Valentin Group Media, a company that assists people in making positive changes in their lives. He has committed himself in making strategies and developing plans which has helped him transform lives from the past 15 years.

With keeping the same purpose in mind, Valentin Luboya wrote this book called ‘The Wealth 2021: The Key to A Sustainable Lifestyle Build Your Online Empire’ available on, and ‘Secrets Digital Business’ in which he shares various tips for gaining financial wealth for young entrepreneurs. The booksinclude athorough guide and valuable information to assist people in growing their businesses!

While traditional business innovators/entrepreneurs focus on creating products and services that improve people’s lives, social entrepreneurship looks at the need to encourage long-term, beneficial change in society such as Valentin Luboya. He is redefining success by helping people developing their businesses and is connecting with people across boundaries. He is making a beautiful change by contributing towards a more sustainable society through his broader perspective of what it means to be a social entrepreneur.