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How Much Does Your Mobile App Costs

How Much Does Your Mobile App Costs

Speaking of software costs, the word “undefined” is an ideal word here. No one can say how much time and money your project will cost. Whether you run a launch application or an application that saves you money on representing your business, internal business product, or software for other purposes, you need to plan your budget. You want to know how much your mobile app or website costs. Nobody will tell you for sure – but here we will try to get as close as possible.

How Much Does Your Mobile App Costs

If you are guided by this idea but do not have experience in recruiting software project staff, this question will be particularly relevant as you are looking for funding, defining deadlines, and knowing how much time you need to spend on your software projects Development. How much you need for marketing and how it ultimately pays off. You need to know when your product is ready to launch at the right time. You have to expect something.

How long does your project take?

Now that you can visualize the hourly rate, you need to know how many man hours are required to run your project from zero to the final product implementation. It all depends on the complexity of your product: functionality, required tools, standard and custom solutions, presence/absence on the server-side, etc.

# 1. The simplest applications with simple graphic images, basic tools with up to 10 types of data (name, identifier, email, comment, picture, sound, etc.), minimum entry forms, up to 15-20 screens, some menus and minor backend updates (for example, updating offers from an external source for the proposal application) – about 200 hours (twice as long as in the backend) required).

# 2. Complex applications with about 40 screens, up to 20 data types, interaction with social networks and / or features of your own platform, basic CRUD operations (create / read / update / delete), a type of user, create one Account and small social features – about 300-450 hours (+ 300-400 hours for the backend).

# 3. More complex interactions, customization for different types of users (including CMS access and management), location-based systems, e-commerce, small specialized CRM systems, payment system integration, moderate business solutions – 700 hours (+ up to 700 hours for the backend).

# 4. Advanced logic, large data sets, security, storage and server-side processing, complex server-side, scaling, advanced social networks, CRM and ERP user systems – 1000 hours (+ 1000 hours maximum for the backend).

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Add 30% for testing (this number varies depending on the type of test required) and about 10-15% for project management (depending on the complexity). Of course, all these numbers are approximate, as there is no calculator that gives you the exact amount. The closer your team examines the project, the more accurate the estimates are.

Cost of expertise

When comparing candidates to your project, always remember their hourly rates and their initial estimates that you receive after the first dialogue. They are very different and very vague. Do not rely on a rating based on a vague explanation. Also, when you start comparing the original estimates of different contractors, you should not give them the opportunity to favour one contractor over another. You can do something wrong by explaining your ideas, or they can understand you differently. You must ensure that you have the same detail view of the product. However, this usually does not happen before this “initial assessment”. Even a poor understanding of your project is not possible if you do not have complete documentation. This is the only requirement for accurate numbers for the task. In general, with professional expertise, you can create a product of high quality and not at a low price.

If we look at the average hourly rates of software manufacturers around the world, we get the following picture:

• $ 40-130

• Western Europe – $ 30 to $ 80

• Australia – 30 to 70 dollars

• Eastern Europe – 25 to 45 USD

• Central / South America, Africa, Middle East, Central Asia (these regions are not the most popular outsourcing destinations) – 15-25 USD

• India – $ 10 to $ 35 (on independent floors, the most common range is $ 12 to $ 16)

These were average business costs, while freelancers deducted about 25-30%.

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