Traveling to Australia
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How Much Does It Cost to Travel to Australia? – 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Traveling to Australia

Traveling to Australia

Do you love to travel? If your answer was yes, Australia is for sure on your list. Whether or not you have visited the land down under before, it always has something amazing to offer, making it a very popular travel destination. Whether you love wildlife, biodiversity or are a big fan of sports life surfing, and cricket, you will find your way around Australia. Although this unique country is known to be one of the most luxurious places to ever visit, making many potential budget tourists and backpackers afraid, the truth is that your holidays in Australia can cost a huge amount of money or just a little.

The cost of a trip to Australia comes down to your travel preferences, your knowledge, and your capacity to have a good time on a budget. If you are interested in knowing how much it would cost to travel to Aussieland, keep reading. In this article, we will tell 5 five things that you need to know before filling your itinerary with your favorite Australian attractions.

1. Accommodation

If you want to stay in small areas you should expect to pay from $12 to 15 USD for a hostel, keeping prices considerably low, whereas you can pay around $15 to 30 in the main regions for the same service.

2. Get a place to stay without spending any money

A great option is working from your room, there are many hosters that will let you work a few hours of the day in exchange for a free bed.

3. Meals

For your food, you will be spending about $15 USD for an average choice, while a delicious meal at a fancy restaurant costs approximately $35 USD. If you wonder how much you will be paying for a McDonald’s combo, that’s going to be around $9 USD.

4. Save on your food

There are some good alternatives to save a great amount of money when it comes to your meals. From cooking in the Airbnb kitchen to selecting a hostel with free breakfast service, will mean big savings in the long run.

5. Beer and drinks

Although regular beer prices are usually around $7 USD, you can easily find budget prices at backpacker bars, which often offer a good beer for half of the normal price.

6. Share transport expenses

As you may know, Australia is a big land making it expensive to transport even locally. If you are traveling with friends or family members, it might be a great idea to share rental expenses as well as the cost of filling the tank. You can even get a free ride with websites like Gumtree.

7. Tours and entertainment

If you want to have fun during your trips and are considering a traditional tour, take into consideration that these usually last a few days and cost around $420 UDS. However, there are other amazing agencies out there that allow you to book in advance and choose among great deals, such as Tripdo.

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