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How long does Functional Skills take to complete?

To make sure you understand how GCSE and Functional Skills work, here is a bit more information on the two. GCSEs are general qualifications available at A-levels. In the UK, GCSEs take around 2 years to complete and are considered to be the standard qualification to study at university level.

They consist of subjects such as Maths, English Language, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, amongst others. The exams are graded according to your performance in the subject. There are 5 grades available, from A to C. To earn an A, you must pass the subject with the highest grade.

If you need to review or revise the subject, it should be done prior to Functional skills exam your exam. To make sure you understand the grading system, here are a few terms to know; ‘Percentage’, ‘Grade Band’, and ‘Grade Point’. These terms can be used interchangeably.

For example, you can use the terms ‘90%’ and ‘grade 9’, as they mean the same. The percentage is based on the number of marks awarded in relation to the total number of marks available, whereas the grade band is a percentage. The grade band is determined by how many grades are awarded, so a band 9 is worth 100%.