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MBBS in the Philippines

How is MBBS in the Philippines better for Indian students than private medical colleges in the homeland?

Securing a degree in medical sciences is acknowledged with unprecedented significance and honor quite unlike the other fields of formal education. There are essentially two reasons that are compelling us to reinforce this claim; firstly, qualifying with an MBBS degree takes longer than the rest and secondly, its curriculum is far more elaborate and demanding when compared with its counterparts. However, your MBBS degree will be accredited with the value that it deserves only if you practice it a globally-renowned institution that offers a rich and substantial syllabus and sets up a strong foundation for the career lying ahead of you. If you are from India and witnessing a string of discrepancies that concern your higher studies, then here is a list of reason that explains how studying MBBS in the Philippines would be better than enrolling in a private medical college in your homeland.


When it comes to seeking an MBBS degree, there can be no room for any compromise, especially its quality. It is no brainer that a lot of private medical colleges in India are still treading the path of welcoming quality education despite their modern infrastructure and resources- this often leads to a disparity of opportunities, especially when it circumscribes practical application of their skills and classroom learning. This is fundamentally the reason why a generous portion of the students in India is still struggling to pass their graduation level examination or get hired as an intern. When the layers of this issue are removed one by one, it uncovers the plagued core that emphasizes more on mugging up the concepts than understanding them. Reversely, MBBS in Philippines ensures that every student in their classroom is transparently absorbing the material that is being taught; the prominence is laid over perceiving the syllabus rather than the marks scored in exams. Additionally, the barrier of language is completely removed; the faculty relies on English as their chief mode of communication thus, implying that whatever is being said, thoroughly reaches the student. 

Exposure and opportunities 

Did you know that getting admitted to any one of the esteemed colleges of the Philippines isn’t accompanied by the regular hassle of the private colleges in India? All you are required to produce during the admission process is a mark sheet that proves you secured 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in the 12th standard, your NEET eligibility and birth certificate announcing that your age is less than 24 years. When discussing opportunities, we cannot steer away from accepting that the better the exposure, the greater are the opportunities and the Philippines medical college rankings are a marker of the same. Moreover, the tests conducted by the medical colleges of the Philippines are recognized globally, hence sparing the student o undergoing the additional pressure of appearing in a different examination. When there is a prospect to study abroad, attending it is always a wiser call because the more you restrict yourself within the confined walls as a student, the faster you drop your confidence and consequently the number of beneficial opportunities dip.


Lastly, when attempting to arrive at a conclusion about your higher studies, the cost matters too. The private medical colleges in India publish a bomb as their tuition and accommodation fees; nevertheless, the Philippines medical college fees get slashed by half or at least 30% of this amount with the auxiliary advantages of enhanced learning mechanism, safety inside the realms of the campus and international standards. All these elements add up as the imperatives when you are seriously considering your career in the medical field. 

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