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How Gojek Clone Helps Businesses To Stay Afloat Through its Tech-Stuff?

Today, almost everyone is utilizing numerous categories of solutions launched in the market. It includes using apps for ordering meals, cab booking, fixing appointments with doctors and lawyers, getting house servicing done, etc. But, due to limited storage space available on the devices of people, they are unable to install the various applications. So to fix this issue, several organizations came up with revolutionary multi-service platforms.

These solutions integrate all different services under a single roof and offer them to users. Many multi-service applications are launched in various countries, including Grab from Singapore, Careem from Dubai, Gojek from Indonesia, and several other platforms from different nations, which achieved a rise in the multi-service market. But, Gojek took it to another level, as it has become popular among users across entire Southeast Asia.

According to figures of 2022, there were 190 million installs of Gojek being recorded. It defines the terrific requirements of Gojek among people. So, you, as a startup owner, might be inspired to create a Gojek like app for your venture by approaching the IT firm. But, you must not be aware of the tech stuff using which it can be created.

Here are the different tech stacks utilized for building a Gojek like platform and the benefits you likely receive on using them for development discussed. Read each section to get a thorough idea about the same.

Technologies Used in Gojek Like Multi-Service App

Although technology is a core component providing the base for developing a Gojek like solution for your enterprise. It is decided based on the specific set of functionality you want to provide through your multi-service platform. The tech stack to be utilized includes various tools and frameworks for making a solution like Gojek.

There are two main categories of technologies through which a Gojek similar application is built. It consists of numerous frameworks that are used to fulfill specific needs generated during the ongoing development process. Refer to each of them mentioned below:


A specific part of the software or website which is not accessible by users straightforwardly and is used for manipulating and storing the data is known as a Backend. Similarly, in terms of technology, it consists of a specific framework for creating an application’s backend part. However, there are many backend frameworks present in the market due to their terrific requirements. The need for creating applications went on increasing. As a result, the demand for backend tech stuff also increased considerably. According to the 2022 report, the market size of backend technologies is $2,450 million and is estimated to expand by $22,072 million till 2032. Here the particular backend technology for developing a platform like Gojek is described below:


NodeJS is a JavaScript runtime environment that operates on the V8 engine and runs a program of JavaScript outside the web browser. It is used to manage the backend part of any software and is the most utilized JavaScript framework. The framework possesses cross-platform and open-source properties, as it runs on multiple OSs, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and many other operating systems.


A frontend is the component of an application or website that is visible to users, and interactions can be made by them. Many frameworks and programming languages can be used to create the frontend part of the specific software. The several frontend technologies utilized to develop a Gojek like application are discussed below:


AngularJS is a frontend, open-source, JavaScript runtime environment supported by Google. It provides a framework for client-side MVC(Model-View-Controller) and MVVC(Model-View-View-Controller) architecture, simplifying the procedure of building and testing an application for developers. Due to such characteristics of AngularJS, it also stands in the topmost JavaScript frameworks.


Kotlin is a statically typed, general-purpose programming language with type inference structured to interoperate with Java fully. It is a cross-platform language that can run its code on any operating system. Moreover, Kotlin is also considered as another option for a standard Java compiler. 


Objective-C is an object-oriented, general-purpose programming language that adds Smalltalk-style messaging in C. It is a programming language used to develop applications for iOS and macOS devices, which is supported, utilized, and marketed by Apple.


Swift is a multi-paradigm, general-purpose, and compiled programming language developed by Apple to create solutions for macOS and iOS devices. This language was launched in 2014 and was designed to interoperate with the technical structure of Objective-C to deal with previously built Apple solutions.

Thus, software development companies utilize the above-stated tech stack to develop an app like Gojek useful for your business in achieving a considerable rise in the market. Alongside this, you as an entrepreneur should also know how your venture gets benefitted by creating a platform similar to Gojek described in the next section.

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How Gojek Clone Helps Startups To Stay Afloat Through its Tech-Stuff?

You might have gained sufficient information regarding the technologies used for building a Gojek similar multi-service platform for your business. But, the different perks your venture can receive through tech stuff utilized for creating a Gojek similar solution are stated below.

Low-Cost Development

As an entrepreneur, making a Gojek similar application for your business will cost you quite affordable by two specific reasons. The first one is the frameworks used by programmers are easy to learn and adapt, which will assist them to start working on your project and deliver it to you within a minimal period. The second one is they don’t require them to create software right from scratch, as it’s built with basic functionality implemented, so developers just need to tailor it according to your enterprise’s needs. Thus, programmers face lesser toil to build Gojek similar platform, which will cost you much lower rates.

Highly Scalable

Because a platform is created using the NodeJS framework, it becomes scalable enough to handle much stress of any sized user traffic, as it has an asynchronous I/O and event-oriented architecture. Your enterprise will be able to execute any functionality inside a solution effortlessly, regardless of the audience present on an app. It will also help you in improvising the consumer service of your venture.

Social Media Promotions

You might know that there is much importance of social media amongst users. According to sources of 2022, users of social media are expected to grow by 5.85 billion till 2027. As an entrepreneur, you can grab the benefits of such a user base of social platforms through a solution similar to Gojek by posting images and videos regarding deals and discounts for providing them to users. It is possible due to the use of numerous frontend technologies, as mentioned in an earlier section.

Enhancement in Enterprise Manageability

As you can handle a massive user base and perform many functionalities without any hassles, it is evident that the manageability of your business will get enhanced to a great extent. It will also assist you in accomplishing several tasks efficiently and achieving the specific goals set for your venture, which will help your enterprise reach a reputed position in the market.

Parting Words:

You might have witnessed the tremendous popularity of Gojek and must be willing to create a multi-service platform similar to it by contacting several technology partners. But, you might not be much aware of the tech stuff required for building a solution similar to Gojek. So, here are some technologies used for making a Gojek similar app and some advantages your business may receive which will help your business to stay afloat are discussed. Referring to those sections will prove to you that developing an application similar to Gojek for your enterprise is the right move.

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