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How did Mike Hammontree establish Slay Marketing agency? A modern solution for modern marketing problems

Marketing is one of the essential aspects when it comes to getting your talent or brand more recognition. From putting our posters on the streets to handing out flyers and advertising our product on television, we have come a long way.

Today’s world relies on digital media, and not many of us know that Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook have become new platforms to generate more exposure for your brand or talent. Digital Marketing has become yet another innovative tool, and Digital Marketing doesn’t only include helping brands, but they also help talented individuals to gain the recognition they deserve.

This new generation of people doesn’t get quickly captivated by a slogan and jump to buy things they saw on the internet. They need a lot of convincing. To understand the modern marketing world and to have more exposure for your business, you need to consult or hire a marketing agency led by innovative minds.

One such agency is Slay Marketing.

Slay Marketing agency has been serving its client for over seven years. They are also the only United States agency with an established track record. It was a surprise to us when we learned that a creator of the vine app created the Slay Marketing agency. Yes, you have heard it right.

The founder of Slay Marketing was a Rising social media star who earned over 300,000 Vine followers before the app was shut down. But he didn’t solely rely on the app. He started his career as a creator but managed to establish a platform to help new creators and brands gain exposure.

Slay Marketing has a team of individuals who are not only creative but also know their way in the digital world. The agency has worked with small startups to Fortune 500 collaborations. The company has worked with Sony Music, Boohoo, Timberland, and Amazon.

They give services to their client in Social media marketing, music marketing, influencer marketing, brand marketing, and talent management.