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How Can You Get Free/Cheap Cable TV With Cable Internet?

With so many streaming options these days, more and more people are inclined towards cutting the cord. Our focus has shifted towards finding cheaper ways to access TV entertainment, knowing we have choices available. One of the biggest reasons for the growing hype of streaming services is the fact that they are significantly cheaper as compared to cable TV plans in general. Unless you have subscribed to a genuinely cost-effective and efficient cable provider like Spectrum TV, that will make sure to add value to your money. But for those who are struggling to make ends meet and want to get rid of their cable TV expenses, yet need quality entertainment in their life, worry no more. We are here to help you out. Here are some of the best ways to ditch your cable TV bill and make the most of your cable internet connection to enjoy free TV entertainment. If you are wondering how that is possible, dive in to know all about it:

Using Free/Cheaper Video Streaming Platforms

In case you are searching for free cable TV accessibility, you must know that cable internet has an immense treasure of good quality TV entertainment. While some streaming platforms can be free, others might require you to pay a small amount of fee to unlock never-ending content. So cutting the cord and getting on the online video streaming platforms can be worth saving a considerable amount of money. 

Crackle TV

This streaming service is free and is surely a treat for all the binge-watchers out there. But you must know that there will be ads running at intervals. The quality programming and wide range of content available free is indeed a real catch for the viewers who want to cancel their pricey cable TV subscriptions. Crackle TV ensures that you are never short of TV shows or movies to watch online without spending a penny. All you need is a reliable and fast-speed internet connection to start streaming free on Crackle TV. 


Netflix is among the pioneers when it comes to offering a never-ending library of content to watch your favorite TV shows and movies. It provides three cost-effective plans that have a lot to offer in terms of variety of content and art at a very reasonable price. With Netflix plans being much cheaper as compared to the cable TV plans, Netflix has risen to be a big competitor to the cable industry in a short span of time. 

Amazon Prime 

Amazon Prime has continued to gain popularity among the masses, especially those who have Amazon Prime memberships. This is because Amazon Prime member gets to enjoy Amazon Prime Video free of cost. It caters to a wide range of TV shows and movie selections. In fact, another good part of Amazon Prime video is its large variety of HBO classics we all adore. 


Hulu is another significant streaming platform that has thousands of TV shows and movies just a click away. Though not free, yet it is a much cheaper alternative to the hefty cable TV subscriptions. Hulu has three main plans for viewers to pick whichever fits them right. You can also avail yourself of Hulu plans with no advertisements by paying just a few extra bucks if you want. 

Free Online TV watching

One of the best ways to access free basic TV is to catch your favorite TV shows and episodes directly over the channel website, rather than cable TV. You are likely to find out free full episodes of popular shows which is quite enough to keep you busy over the weekend. 

When it comes to sports lovers, they are genuinely concerned about missing out on their favorite sports matches if they cut the cord, and that does make sense. This is because sports organizations do seem to have limited sports broadcasts to cable TV primarily and not all streaming platforms offer sports content. 

But the good news is that there are streaming services that do have a lot in store for sports fanatics. For instance, Sling TV has plans like Sling Orange or Sling Blue that open access to a wide range of sports channels like NBC Sports Network, FOX Sports 1, NFL Network, etc. 

Wrapping Up, 

The aforementioned tips and tricks can help you enjoy free or at least cheaper TV entertainment so you can finally get rid of your cable TV bill. In fact, by making use of the above mentioned platforms, you can save a significant amount of money annually. So make sure you put these effective TV watching options to use.

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