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CBD vape juice

How can you consume CBD vape juice


We all know about CBD vape juices. Are you thinking of starting to start consuming it? CBD products are beneficial for our health. Many researchers prove its benefit. Do you know about its benefits? Its various advantages? Do you know that CBDs are Anti-carcinogenic, Anti-inflammatory, and also have anti-aging properties? They are so effective in stress, anxiety, and fatigue.

The main problem you probably face is the stigma about CBD products. Do you think consuming CBD will make you high? Well!! These are just some stigmas. Still, you cannot deny that some people are not comfortable with the idea of smoking CBD. Some people who don’t like smoking, in general, find it very difficult to smoke CBD even if it is beneficial.

Want to know what the good news is? You can consume CBD in various ways. There were so many options available for people who don’t like to smoke but want the health benefits of CBD.

This guide will tell you about various ways of consuming CBD. Along with its pros and cons. You can choose any of the methods as per your preferences. Go through the article to find the best way of consuming CBD for yourself. Go through this site to get all types of CBD products at a suitable price and assured quality.


Inhalation is the oldest method to consume CBD. It is one of the quickest methods to enjoy it. CBD products go straight into your lungs and bloodstreams. The two methods you can choose from are smoking and vaping. 

Smoking CBD concentrate is the easiest way to consume CBD. You can do it by using an oil rig that looks like a water pipe. It is done by heating the area where the CBD concentrate is present.

The simple alternative to this is rolling a joint. The only problem with this method is that you will end up inhaling some THC as well. 

Pros of smoking

  • You get a high concentration of CBD. 
  • It is the fastest and easiest way of consuming CBD.  

Cons of smoking CBD

  • Smoking can be harsh on the lungs and throat. 
  • Every person requires a different concentration of CBD, so it may be harmful to those who need it in low concentrations. 
  • It requires additional elements like joint paper, oil rig, etc. 

Vaping CBD oil

Vaping is more effective and less damaging than smoking. It is effective. In this, you will not inhale smoke whereas, you will inhale a small vapor of oil concentrate. You need a vaporizer pen for vaping CBD. A vaporizer pen came in two different forms. There are so many companies that provide vape starter kits for beginners. You can start with this kit.

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Pros of vaping CBD

  • It gives a good amount of CBD with all its health objectives. 
  • It produces no smoke
  • It is easy to restrain dosage. 

Cons of vaping CBD

  • It also requires additional tools like vape pens. 
  • Sometimes people tend to vape at higher concentrations than required.

Topical application

If you are not okay with smoking or vaping for any reason, topical application is an alternative for you. Topical applications include CBD balms, creams, and ointments. It can apply directly to your skin. This method is productive in sore muscles, pain, inflammation, and even migraine. Apply the cream or balm to any sore area like your feet or neck. For people suffering from migraine, you can also apply them to your temples. 

Pros of tropical applications

  • Easy to use.
  • No use of any accessories or extra tools.
  • It is effective in many skin-related issues, sore muscles, and migraines.

Cons of tropical applications

  • The effects are not very long-lasting
  • You have to apply a thick coat for high dosage
  • It is not as effective as the other ways


Ingestion or edibles are one of the most popular ways of consuming CBD products. It is both easy and effective. You can add CBD oil to your food in case you don’t like its taste. Also, CBDs are available in the form of gummies. Various websites also sell CBD lollipops. The gummies and lollipops taste absolute yum. They are practical as well. Undoubtedly, we can say it is an easy way of consuming CBD. You can have it anywhere without any need for additional tools or devices. Also, it does not produce any smoke or needs warm water so, you can consume it anytime, anywhere. 

But it is essential to keep certain things on your mind while consuming edibles. You must consult a healthcare expert before finalizing the dosage. It takes some time to shower its effects, so make sure not to eat so many gummies thinking nothing is happening. 

Pros of Ingestion

  • It is the easiest way to take CBD
  • It is available in many forms
  • You can eat it in many ways as per your preferences
  • It does not require any additional tool
  • It does not produce any smoke

Cons of edibles

  • It takes more time to show its effect
  • Consuming edibles without knowing the correct dose for your body might be risky
  • Gummies may contain sugar which affects people suffering from diabetes


If you want to administer CBD sublingually, then you have to buy a CBD tincture. In This way, you have to keep a few drops of tincture under your tongue. After four to five minutes, you have to swallow it. This procedure will help to feel calm. The CBD tinctures are believed to reduce pain, anxiety and stimulate appetite. It is found that CBD oils are more reliable than CBD tinctures.

Pros of sublingual

  • It is an easy way of consuming
  • You can easily control your dosage
  • The effects produce long-lasting

Cons of sublingual

  • The results vary from person to person
  • Some people find it difficult to tolerate the earthy taste of CBD

Final words

There are several ways to consume CBD vape oil. It is beneficial in many ways. Also, CBD alone will never get you high. The side effects are pretty standard. One thing to consider is always to consult your daily dosage with a healthcare specialist. Do the proper research before consuming CBD in any way to get the correct effect as per your requirements.

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