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How big a hammock can be? The complete size guide for big hammocks


Most of the time, when people think about hammocks (for people who are new to hammocks) they tend to believe that a hammock has space enough to accommodate only one person. That’s isn’t true and I can’t blame them either, I used to think the same thing when I initially started using hammocks. 

Are you Australian? Are you in the market to purchase hammocks for the entire family? Without appropriate knowledge of the different sizes of hammocks available you might end up purchasing too many hammocks. Some hammocks can fit in two or even three people. Can it fit in more people? How big can one hammock be? To find out you would have to continue reading our complete size guide for Australian hammocks and who knows you might find one that will fit the entire family.

What are the different sizes of hammocks?

As I earlier mentioned, there are different sizes of hammocks, and knowing them will help you in making the right decision otherwise you might end up buying something that doesn’t suit your needs.

Baby and child hammocks 

This is the smallest size of hammocks you can find. These hammocks are designed for babies and children. They come in handy when you need your child to take an afternoon nap. When you place them on the hammock, the gentle motion of the hammock will rock them and in little or no time, they’ll be deep in sleep. These models are small but they are also safe, so you don’t have to feel worried when you use them to hang your kids in their bedroom or playroom.

Single hammocks 

Are you single or do you like enjoying or having your space? Then a single hammock is what you should go for. Single hammocks have room enough for one adult but that doesn’t mean it’s not spacious enough. With a single hammock, you’ll have enough space to stretch and turn, keeping you comfortable and thereby making your sleep restful.

Double hammocks 

Do you spend so much time with your best friend or it’s possible that you are living with your girlfriend. Whether you can relate to the first or the second option, buying a single hammock wouldn’t be ideal for you. You should go for a double hammock. Double as the name implies means that the hammock is big enough to fit in two people.

Family hammocks

Is it getting close to that time of the month where you’ll have to take the entire family out on a road trip or out camping? If that’s the case, then you should carry along a family-sized hammock. Depending on the size of your family you can get a family hammock that’s big enough to support or carry four adults. Wow! That’s big. I bet you didn’t know that hammocks could get that big. Family-sized hammocks require plenty of space and stronger fixing points. So before purchasing one ensure the space you’ll be placing it in meets that criteria.

Sanket Goyal
the authorSanket Goyal