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How Angela Brown Is Making Waves in The Cleaning Industry? Let’s Find Out

The cleaning business is vast, with several organizations and individuals employed. It’s no surprise that it’s in great demand, and that demand is growing every day as the number of clients grows. People prefer to hire experts to clean their homes and businesses because it saves them time and adds a professional touch.

Professional firms provide several packages that may be benefited from and used when employing a company. Angela Brown’s name appears among such names. People have benefited from her instruction and effective guidance.

Angela’s Contribution to the Industry

Angela has 25 years of expertise and has spent most of her time cleaning. She was the owner and operator of one of North Carolina’s largest corporations. She is well-known for her expertise and efficiency. Angela believes in working smart rather than hard since cleaning is built on this notion; the sooner a person learns about it, the better it will be for them.

Angela also offers a training program called ‘Savvy Cleaner Training,’ which educates everyday cleaners and maids on how to become faster and more effective at their jobs. Because of her expertise, she became quite famous on social media, receiving over 1,600 letters and messages from individuals seeking assistance. Clients also come to her workplace to ask questions about cleaning and organizing.

Taking all of this into account, Angela began advising through her daily YouTube show and podcasts on ‘Ask A House Cleaner,’ which includes over 200 videos and guides on various types of cleaning. She also manages eight Facebook groups, which include Professional House Cleaners, Airbnb hosts who clean, Hoarding & Decluttering, and Cleaning Business Owners.

Angela’s Guide to Starting a Business

Not everyone enjoys educating others and sharing their cleaning secrets, but Angela is not one of them. She believes in training everyone so that they may encourage more cleaning and become more organized in their everyday life. As a result, Angela teaches about beginning a cleaning business and covers everything from A to Z in her curriculum. Some of the classes include topics such as creating a name, a logo, a slogan, a vision and mission statement, accounting, bookkeeping, marketing, and selecting the correct tools, among others.

As if that wasn’t enough, Angela has also authored a book that has quickly become a best seller. Her book, ‘How to Start Your Own Cleaning Company,’ is available on Amazon and is ideal for anyone who are new to starting a business.

Her major goal is to encourage cleaning since she feels that everyone deserves a clean house. People are frequently bored of cleaning and consider it a difficult duty since they do not know the proper tips and tactics. She hopes to make cleaning more enjoyable with her videos and book.


Angela is creating waves in the business and changing people’s perceptions of it because to her tireless efforts. “Cleaning is not something to dread – it is a matter-of-fact part of every daily routine,” she wrote brilliantly. Follow her on social media and visit her website to learn more about cleaning.