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Consumer Unit

A consumer unit is an electric device used to distribute power at some stage in a domestic living. Acting as a protection tool, defensive against harm through electrical surprise, a purchaser unit houses protection devices that guard family home equipment against overload.

A purchaser unit’s first function is the enterprise of electrical ‘circuits’. The unique ways we use power in the home may be competently and easily controlled. For example, an average home setup could have the subsequent circuits: Ring predominant for strength sockets and gadgets like washing machines and TVs, lighting fixtures, smoke alarms, cookers, showers, and so on.

Primary Switch

This is the ‘Double Module’ device that sits on a consumer’s ways right-hand facet. It usually has a large purple bar transfer and acts to isolate the whole board. This means that manual operation can cut power to every circuit within the setup. Important Switches are almost usually rated at 100 amp, permitting it to isolate a setup that pulls no extra than 100 amps in total across all circuits.


Mini Circuit Breaker. An MCB protects its circuit from overload. While, for example, a bulb blows on a lighting fixtures circuit, the MCB cuts the electricity to that circuit, consequently defending the other lighting. No different circuits at the consumer unit have been affected. An MCB does now not defend humans against electric surprise.


Residual cutting-edge devices shield a couple of circuits in opposition to earth leakage. That is an essential feature of a patron unit as it’s miles earth leakage which reasons electric shock. RCDs degree the quantity of energy flowing into the patron unit against the amount flowing out. When it detects an imbalance between the 2 it cuts the energy supply to the bank of circuits. It’s defensive.

It has to be stated that a fault on one circuit will bring about a slicing of the energy to every other circuit blanketed through that RCD. for example, an RCD testing may also guard the ring predominant and indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures circuits. In this instance, a fault on the outdoor lights circuit will knock out the indoor lighting fixtures and all electricity sockets.

For that reason, the seventeenth edition policies call for ‘division of Circuits’ to avoid ‘Nuisance Tripping.’


Residual modern Breaker with Overload (RCBO). This smart tool combines the capability of an MCB and RCD and consequently lets in for independent protection on individual circuits against each overload and earth leakage.

Din Rail

Upon that, the mounting rail is equipped with the principle switch, RCDs, MCBs, and RCBOs.


The device connects the principle switch, RCDs, MCBs, and RCBOs.

neutral Bar

The terminal bar accepts all the impartial wires from the RCBOs and MCBs.

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