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Here’s How You Can Add Some Gray To Your Living Room Decor For A Modern Makeover

For years the color gray was shunned in the world of interior decor as it was considered gloomy and dull. But these days, gray living room ideas are anything but gloomy. Gray has been used in so many creative ways that the color has become a major hit among people and is being re-termed as an elegant, modern shade. From a deep charcoal hue to a soft dove color, gray comes in many shades light and dark. Check out the asian paint catalog to see the shades of gray that are trending. Today, we’ve got some living room ideas that demonstrate how to use this contemporary neutral on walls, furniture, and decor.

Go For A Monochrome Theme

If you want to obtain a classy, layered appearance for your living room, go for a monochromatic themed look. You can pair a deep black couch with pewter window coverings and dove-gray walls. Make sure that the shades you choose have a similar undertone so that even though the colors differ, they end up complimenting each other. Accent furniture and accessories in creamy off-white and natural wood tones will help you add a little break and brighten up the neutral color palette. Opt for a stencil for wall painting to make this theme fancier. Choose a light gray shade for the living room walls to give depth while maintaining a light, breezy aesthetic. Gentle gray wall paint will pick up the warm tones of the concrete flooring in your living room. Natural elements, such as wood accent furniture and a brown leather ottoman, will give this gray-and-white living room theme an organic air.

Choose Gray Furniture

Gray is considered a neutral color even if it is being widely used in living room paint choices. To make this color pop more, consider using shades of gray when it comes to your furniture or accent items. Things like furniture and flooring that aren’t as readily or easily replaced can prove to be a great way to incorporate gray into. It is a versatile color that comes in various undertones and is easy to use. For example, couches, throws, and carpets are items that have a huge impact, and using gray in them is a sure way to set your room apart. A lot of great color blocking can be done along with gray furniture items. Gray color adapts very quickly to its surroundings, so make sure to use it in the best possible manner to play with light and ceiling height, to make your living room appear more spacious.

Use Dark Tones Of Gray For Flair

Gray is a versatile color that can be used for many moods. You can use gray to establish your style and draw attention to personal collections, like a deep gray bookshelf or a gray wall with some art hanging on it. The deep gray walls in living rooms provide a sense of refinement and warmth while looking classy and sophisticated. The dark neutral serves as an excellent background for sculptural furniture, antique paintings, and vintage artifacts. With deep gray walls, the ceiling should be of light color with the same undertone. The gray-green walls in a formal living room will provide an exquisite, serene atmosphere. gray can be used to add some subtle depth without disrupting the visuals with a contrasting hue. Moldings on the walls can be painted the same color to achieve this effect. For a calm, tone-on-tone effect, warm gray and beige tones can be paired on upholstered furniture, window curtains, and the rug area.

With these tips, you can easily incorporate this stylish neutral into your home decor.

Sanket Goyal
the authorSanket Goyal