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Chardham with helicopter

Why You Should Choose Helicopter for Chardham Yatra?

Chardham with helicopter

Helicopter for Chardham yatra is undeniably one of the simplest and most comfortable ways to make this physically demanding pilgrimage. Before the introduction of helicopter facilities, it was challenging and inconvenient to make this religious trip. However, with the advent of these services, it is now effortless and comfortable to undertake this pilgrimage. 

One cannot disagree that any discovery has both advantages and disadvantages. Similarly, there have been instances of fraud in the ticket buying processes for these sacred places in Uttarakhand. So, be cautious while choosing the travel company for your Chardham Yatra of Uttrakhand, particularly if you are searching for Chardham Yatra with helicopter in 2023, then check our comprehensive travel guide. The post provides all pertinent information about the Chota Chardham yatra by helicopter. Let’s explore some information on helicopter services. 

Why Should You Choose A Helicopter For Chardham Yatra?

LIH Travel has carefully devised helicopter packages considering many factors, such as the sick health of individuals and the long bus schedules to reach the destination. Suppose you are also running short of time or unable to begin this voyage due to time restrictions. In that case, this also speeds up your journey and provides you with a spiritual experience you have never experienced before.

Moreover, it allows you to observe the compelling attractiveness of the scenic splendors from a significant height. Enjoying these sights from a high elevation is another advantage of this journey. Still, the primary purpose for selecting the helicopter for Chardham yatra is to make this physically and mentally draining Yatra simpler and more enjoyable. Furthermore, the path to the Kedarnath Temple is the most difficult, requiring 16 kilometers of hiking. 

You might use helicopter services if you’re seeking a more convenient approach to visiting Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath. The complete pilgrimage may be performed in less time if you are picked up and dropped off close to the temples. A few places need short trips on roadways, a short hike, or palki and pony services.

The Benefits Of Chota Chardham Yatra By Helicopter

There are several advantages to completing this spiritual tour by helicopter. The benefits of helicopters for Chardham Yatra.

  1. The first and most significant benefit of helicopter services is the ability to finish this long trip quickly, particularly for those unable to take a few days off from their hectic schedules.
  2. One can conveniently complete the trip in 5-6 days instead of 10-12 days. So they can use the time to explore the untamed beauty of Uttarakhand and explore more here.
  3. This is among the most pleasant and convenient forms of transportation that one may use to visit the four holy dhams of the circuit, particularly for people in poor health or older citizens.
  4. Those who lack the physical endurance to traverse the four shrines have the option of flying to visit all four temples. For many, it is among the most comfortable solutions.
  5. If you are seeking an adventurous experience, this will provide a unique view of the Himalayas and the Uttarakhand region and give you the idea to explore more about the state’s hidden gems.
  6. Moreover, VIP darshans, SUV/sedan cars, good accommodations, and guides are available depending on the amount you are ready to pay. Luxurious choices include premium campsites with bottled water and other essential amenities.
  7. Depending on the travel operator you choose, they will offer the best safety and hygienic traveling conditions so that you don’t face any challenges or health issues during this Yatra.

LIH Travels offers the best packages for Chota Chardham yatra by helicopter. Helicopter for Chardham yatra by LIH Travels features hotel pickup and drop off, comfortable helicopter drop and pickup, good accommodations, and VIP darshan facilities. 

Cons Of Chardham Yatra Of Uttrakhand By Helicopter

When discussing the disadvantages, budget travelers and nature lovers won’t consider the helicopter for Chardham yatra option. The expense of the helicopter package will seem excessive to a tourist on a budget. However, nature lovers and adventure lovers would find the helicopter Chardham yatra not that ideal for their feeling of excitement.

Helicopter Operators

There are various providers of these services throughout the state (Uttarakhand). There are both commercial and public providers available. Some providers provide:

  • Ek Dham (one of the four temples).
  • Do Dham (two temples).
  • Teen Dham (three temples).
  • Char Dham (four temples) packages (the entire circuit).

The Process For Booking Helicopter For Chardham Yatra

There are both government-owned and private heli tour operators available, as numerous travel operators provide enticing packages to their consumers. On their webpage, you can see a variety of tour packages that cater to all of a customer’s needs, such as:

  • package price
  • destinations to be visited
  • accommodations according to their budgets
  • terms and conditions
  • package inclusions and exclusions

Is The Helicopter Yatra Shared Or Exclusive?

There is an option for reserving a full charter by a single individual, but doing so would be too expensive for you. Therefore, if cost is not an issue and you don’t prefer to share your trip with anybody else, you should choose the exclusive option and book the whole helicopter for yourself and your family.

Safety Tips for a Helicopter Trip

The pilgrimage route will be covered by helicopter, and each Dham has an adjacent helipad. Consequently, you will get easy access to the sacred temples.

In addition, the aerial path of the helicopter for Chardham Yatra covers the beauty of the hilly terrain, letting you appreciate nature from above. 

Before embarking on your travel, read the following instructions and adhere to them precisely to prevent mishaps.

  • Follow the luggage restriction and do not exceed it; bring only handbags and no suitcases in the helicopter.
  • Don’t forget to bring the necessary documentation and extra cash.
  • Bring a medical kit, as you would encounter some problems due to the elevated altitude. Furthermore, bring adequate woolen clothing for the journey.
  • You are encouraged to remain calm if your travel is delayed or canceled because of natural events or unpredictability in the weather.

Final Say

So this is all about the helicopter for Chardham yatra. Consider your budget and your preferences before choosing helicopter services.