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Have We Finished in The Fight for Accessibility? – accessiBe

Until recently, the matter of accessibility seems to go unnoticed. That meant that those that lived with a disability wouldn’t be thought about which meant they would more often than not have to stay in and end up feeling isolated. However, over the last decade or so we have seen a lot of work in this area. Whether you are living with a disability of not I imagine this is something that you are happy to see, we all should have the same access and ability to enjoy the same things. We have seen a lot of time and effort put in to get to where we are today, so have we faced all the battles that we need to? Have we won the fight for equality? I am afraid not, while a lot has been achieved, there is still a huge gap that needs to be bridged before we get close to equality. That being said, there are many who are pushing for change and with companies like accessiBe helping we are heading in the right direction.

What have we achieved?

When thinking about disabilities we have mostly focused on issues for those with mobility problems. Just look around the next time you go for a walk, you will see automatic doors, handrails, ramps into businesses and shops, slopes on sidewalk, wide access disabled toilets, lifts in public buildings, you even see special wheelchairs to go downstairs in the event of a fire. The list goes on, but all of these are designed with people with mobility issues in mind where they either need help walking or are in a wheelchair. We are grateful for all of this, and it has meant that it has opened the door for many to be more mobile and enjoy things that others would take for granted.

The problem is that there are many other types of disabilities and for them these changes don’t do anything to help them. They might be perfectly able to walk, run etc, do you think handrails and slopes with help them? For others it might cover one part of their disability but does nothing for other issues.

What other areas do we need to improve on?

Have you got a favourite vlogger you like to follow or blog you just can’t wait to read or website you check every day? For most the internet is part of our daily routine, we check it hourly, sometimes more, but how easy would it be to enjoy this aspect of our lives if we were either partially or fully blind or deaf? How easy would it be now to check out the latest videos or posts? The internet shouldn’t exclude people, and this is where change is needed, while some sites do work on this we are far from where we need to be, most sites don’t have any accessibility settings. Thankfully there are many people, companies and governments who are fighting on this front to help those who need a voice. Why don’t you see what you can do to help? Wouldn’t you want someone to set up for you if you couldn’t?

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