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Grow Your Business Using Google Display Network

Advertisers usually underappreciate Google Display Network or GDN due to a lack of understanding regarding its benefits and usage. However, a deep understanding of GDN can reveal many tools that allow for greater advertising benefits and a higher Return on Investment for advertisers globally. This system is much more sophisticated than Google Search Ads (GSN), and with proper skills regarding its usage, advertisers may get beneficial returns. Don’t worry! Let us summarize everything for you in detail so you can benefit from the system as well. We will cover everything about Google Display Network in detail, including:

  • What is Google Display Network?
  • The Difference Between GSN and Google Display Network?
  • How to Develop Better Display Ads That Reach the Customers?
  • What are the Benefits of Google Display Network?
  • Different Aspects of Google Display Network’s Methodology
  • Different Types of Display Ads

What is Google Display Network?

Google offers different platforms for its ads to run, ranging from Google Search Network to our focus in this article, Google Display Network. GDN partners with over 2 million applications, websites, and videos where your advertisement can be displayed. In essence, over 90% of the internet is covered by GDN, allowing better targeting of your advertisements based on numerous options. You may target the audience using:

  • Target Audience Method: Based on their Demographics and Interests.
  • Content Method: Considering the different keywords related to your ads.
  • Placement: Let Google know the websites you want your ads to appear on.

As such, every niche can be targeted directly by the advertiser with ease through this method. Now, let us divert our attention to the basic difference between GSN and GDN.

The Difference Between GSN and Google Display Network?

As the name suggests, Google Search Ads are displayed on the top of your search results when you search for specific keywords. For example, if you search for “best games in the USA,” you will see advertisements on the first few ranks of the search results related to that keyword. As such, these ads are text-based and appear at this location only.

On the other hand, every other advertisement you see at any other location under the Google advertising network is from Google Display Network. Google Display Ads may include graphical ads of all sizes visible on different websites and different videos.

As such, the targeting in focus is different as well. Search Ads ensure that someone who searches for a keyword can see your ads. However, they won’t be visible to other people based on their regular interests in different website usage. Therefore, you are more likely to reach potential customers searching for the exact products or services you offer.

On the other hand, Google Display Ads are displayed on different locations, and the person may not have searched for the specific keywords as well. Therefore, there are chances that they may completely ignore the ad. Or they may interact with it based on their regular interests and land up on your website.

How to Develop Better Display Ads That Reach the Customers?

Don’t worry! Although display ads are more about marketing and waiting for the customer to notice what you offer, there is always a subtle way out! One form of display/ search hybrid ads is called remarketing ads. Such advertisements only appear to potential customers and are based on a concrete marketing strategy.

Here, only a visitor who has interacted with your landing page or website before will see advertisements related to your website. As they have already been to your website, you can be certain that they are already interested.

The way it works is that cookies are stored as a tracking pixel which can help identify the user later on their internet. Another benefit of such Google Network Remarketing Ads is that you can show targeted products to each customer. For example, a product they did check out on the website but chose not to buy. In a way, it’s about grabbing those customers whom you can’t get hold of the first time.

What are the Benefits of Google Display Network?

Simply put, Google Display Network offers two distinct benefits: low cost and high reach compared to other forms of advertisement. Search advertisements are much more expensive compared to Google Display Network Ads (GDN). Here, you can get a better rate as you are charged lower prices per ad view.

  • The reach is much greater than Google Search Ads because the ads are not restricted to search results alone. Instead, they can be displayed on a plethora of partner websites.
  • GDN offers lower costs because dedicated costing modules include CPC, CPM, CPA, and CPV for different types of costs. Therefore, you get the best price for every type of advertisement that you place on the website.

Different Aspects of Google Display Network’s Methodology

The GDN works as a contextual engine that helps to create targeted ads and allows them to be displayed only in the relevant areas.

  • Different targeting options are there which Similar audiences, In-market audiences, and optimized targeting.
  • Similar audiences are where people who have similar interests to your existing customers are selected and targeted.
  • In-market audiences focus on people who are likely to be most interesting in taking your offer.
  • Automated targeting focuses on optimized targeting over time, where the AI system learns about the audience most suited to your ads.

Different Types of Display Ads

  • Responsive Ads are the default type that can change size based on the available space on your website. As such, they can adjust for different screen sizes as well. You can place the ad code on your website to display them.
  • You can upload images to serve as advertisements as well.
  • Video advertisements are also an option, including skippable in-stream ads, non-skippable in-stream ads, and discovery advertisements.
  • Even Gmail advertisements are now possible.

If you need help setting up campaigns for Display Ads, just ask Google Ads Expert for help.


Google Display Network is a powerful system to allow your ads to reach many different customers.

Sanket Goyal
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