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Grappling with emotions over the loss of your wife

Your wife is the one who knows the real you. You two share not only an emotional bond with each other but also share life together. You can always turn on to her at first whenever there is good news or bad news. And losing her changes the world. The intense sorrow and grief cage you completely, leaving you broken and scattered.

When it comes to sharing the feelings and crying out to express grief, men always find themselves in trouble as they are taught to be strong and not to cry. Forget these stereotypical thoughts and put yourself forward to express your pain.

With the death of your soulmate, the void that has been created, can’t be filled. But there is always a way to help yourself to cope up with the grief.

Here are a few ways which might help you to deal with the loss-

  1. Find the one who will listen to your words and understand your feelings- You need to accept the fact that different people have different ways of grieving. It’s okay to share yourself and cry out aloud. Accepting yourself this way will do good. Neglecting your feelings offers no help to your mourning.If you are willing to talk, your close ones are out there willing to listen and offer their concerned condolences to you. If you feel like uttering no words, don’t push yourself hard then. You can try comforting yourself by reading a few condolence messages on the death of the wife available on the websites.

    Take your time and space to process your grief. If the pain is getting unbearable to you, feel free to consult your doctor.

  1. Accepting that things can never be the same- The changes you are going through are obviously difficult to accept. Accepting the way you feel is okay might help you. Trying to find new things that give you happiness is no shame. Many people think that they have no right to smile again. They even feel guilty for being happy for some time. There is no harm in doing things that keeps you happy. You are free to explore the things that help you alleviate your pain.
  2. Taking care of yourself and your family while grieving- Death impacts the lifestyle in a more severe way. The incident might traumatize you, leaving you unable to do the chores like taking no proper diet, avoiding your daily medicines, etc. With the series of feelings of pain, anger, remorse or guilt, don’t forget to keep yourself up to your daily schedule. With all the emotional breakdowns, your body needs proper food and a good amount of sleep. Don’t binge on activities like drinking, smoking, etc.

Remember your family is grieving too. You have to take care of them, especially your children. Many people neglect their child’s mourning, you can try to comfort them and help them process their grief.

Also, doing yogas and exercises proves helpful in your grieving. To make your feelings alleviate, you can also go out and make plans like visiting the nearby library or your religious community, taking your children out for a walk, movies and there are many more things to do.

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Sanket Goyal
the authorSanket Goyal