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Get Cisco C9300L-24P-4G-E and C9300L-24P-4X series switches from Switch Tech Supply

C9300L-24P-4G-E stackable series switches are the future of the IT industry, they design for our new generations. Because they provide you with security for IoT, cloud, and mobility. Moreover, technology in these switches allows you to achieve your objectives and business transformation to help you stay competitive.

C9300L-24P-4X stackable series switches provide you with technology to meet the speed of the new Hybrid world. This technology helps you in reducing the total cost of ownership, conserve capital, and accelerate growth. Moreover, they have default AC power connectivity so you can connect your enterprise efficiently.

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Features of C9300L-24P-4G-E:

These are some important features of the series switches:

·         These switches have flexible and dense uplinks with 100G, 40G, 25G, Multigigabit, 10G, and 1G modular uplinks for your connection.

·         Moreover, these series switches provide you stackable bandwidth with Multigigabit switch capacity, which brings stackable high-speed fiber to the access of enterprise.

·         The series switches support enhanced application hosting along with 2x capacity and additional RAM, QAT, and 2 x 10G AppGig Ports.

·         These series switches provide you leading PoE capabilities along with up to 384 ports of PoE per stack, PoE+, and 288 ports high-density IEEE 802.3bt-90W UPOE+, and 60W Cisco UPOE, so you can connect hardware devices in a single place.

·         In addition to this, these switches provide you with the highest wireless scale for Wi-Fi 6 and 802.11ac Wave with 2 access points, which support a single switch so you can get a better network connection for your system.

·         Moreover, the central processing unit in these switches is x86 complex with 8-GB memory, 16 GB of flash, and an external USB 3.0 SSD pluggable storage slot.

·         Which delivers up to 240GB of storage along with an option SSD drive to host containers. These switch models support 16GB of memory.

·         These series switches have the latest software patching system, which can update your system without any problem. Moreover, these patchings secure your system so you do not get any run time threat.

Features of C9300L-24P-4X:

These are some important features of these switches.

·         These series switches have IOS XE modern operating system for the enterprise, which provide you support for model-driven programmability including NETCONF, RESTCONF, YANG, on-box Python scripting, streaming telemetry, and hosting to connect.

·         This operating system also has a built-in defense to protect against runtime attacks because they aim to provide you with an error-free user experience.

·         Moreover, these series data sheets can provide you with IEEE 802.1ba AV Bridging (AVB) built-in capability to provide you with a better audio and video experience through improved time synchronization and QoS, so you can get better visuals.

·         These switches provide you with Precision Time Protocol (PTP; IEEE 1588v2), which provides accurate clock synchronization with sub-microsecond accuracy making it suitable for the distribution and synchronization of time and frequency over the network.

·         These switches deliver line rate, which is hardware-based Flexible Net Flow (FNF) that is designed to deliver flow collection of up to 128,000 flows with select models series switches.

·         Moreover, these switches provide you with Intelligent Power Management technology, which provides power stacking among members for power redundancy.

·         Because these Stack Power pools the power supplies across the stack are to be used for redundancy and supplemental power purposes so you can get equal network flow.


After reading about these features of the series switches, you came to know that they are the future of the IT industry because of their specifications. You can buy them from Switch Tech Supply.