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Matching Rings For Couples

Get Best and Unique Matching Rings For Couples

If you’re looking for a perfect matching ring for your significant other, My roots is the place to buy ideal matching rings for couples. These eco-friendly retailers use only sustainable and ethical manufacturing processes to create a unique ring for your love. They also offer better customization options than traditional fine jewelry stores. 

Wooden rings are ethically and environmentally responsible with their materials and manufacturing processes. They offer better customization opportunities than traditional fine jewelry. When you buy fine jewelry, you want it to be a personal reflection of you. You can customize it to your taste to wear it proudly to a special occasion. 

When buying a wooden matching ring for couples, there are many factors to consider, such as Endangered Woods, Price, Durability, and Styles. MyRoots have ideal rings for couples. You need to check their immerse collection.

Wooden Matching Rings For Couples

The most beautiful woods for wooden matching rings for couples are hardwoods like oak, ash, birch, eucalyptus, maple, apple-wood, cherry, and dogwood. Some woods have special meanings, such as mahogany, rosewood, and sandalwood. There are also several popular planks of wood that can be used to create wooden rings for couples.

You can find many rings for cocobolo wood. You can also find rosewood and tropical hardwood rings. Rosewood is a particularly good choice for a wooden ring, and it is readily available. Rosewood is also an exotic wood and can be easily purchased through numerous online sources.

Advantages of Wooden Matching Rings For Couples

Wooden matching rings for couples have a few advantages over metal ones. One of them is that they are much harder than wood alone. For instance, gold, silver, and platinum are all three on the Moh’s hardness scale. Steel, titanium, cobalt, and zirconium are all eight. That means that these rings are highly resistant to breaking or chipping. 

Most wood rings are waterproof or contain metal inlaid with wood. In this way, they can resist scratches and bumps without breaking. Wood rings can also be made from hardwoods such as oak, ash, and birch. Even better, titanium is lightweight and good for many wood types. It’s important to note that wood rings are usually more expensive than metal rings. However, if you can afford them, you can make an excellent purchase.


When choosing a wooden matching ring for your partner, remember that each of the rings will be unique and have its look. Wood is one of the five elements of feng shui, a Chinese philosophy that divides the world into five elements, fire, water, earth, and metal. Wood represents the first element and is associated with the elements of spring, newness, health, family, and abundance.

The wood used to make a wooden matching ring is a beautiful, eco-friendly material. Wooden rings are made of wood and can be combined with metal or wood inlay to create a wedding band that is one of a kind. Men may find choosing a wedding band intimidating.


While wood may be synonymous with marriage, many other styles of couples’ matching rings are available. Some couples choose rings made of wood because of the symbolism it carries. Wood symbolizes natural strength, growth, and lasting relationships. Similarly, wood is commonly used for wedding anniversaries, such as ten and five-year ones. Not only can men wear wood rings, but women can as well.

Final Words

If you’re looking for unique matching rings for couples,  a wood-based ring may be perfect. You can even buy a customized ring to match your partner’s size. Myroots is also a great option, but you may have to deal with many small vendors. 

However, Wooden rings come in various woods, but the best material to use for wedding bands is hardwood. These include oak, ash, maple, eucalyptus, cherry, apple-wood, dogwood, etc. Some woods have special meaning. Choose the one that is suitable for your wedding day.