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Get Amazing Experience Of Music With HUAWEI FreeLace

The HUAWEI FreeLace offers type-C plugin earphones. HUAWEI FreeLace provides a magnificent experience to users. The Huawei FreeLace headphones will provide users with an experience of up to 18 hours of playback time of songs, on a single charge. Moreover, The earphones come in numerous colors. Choose the color of the headphone as per your choice and style. 

The earphones have an Adjustable design and high-quality materials, these earphones will be the perfect workout partner. Hence, the Huawei FreeLace Bluetooth earphones got their ratings via IPX5. These earphones come with a waterproof outlook. That means they got a protection layer from sweat and rain so that users can carry them around without worry. 


The Huawei FreeLace comes in numerous color options. The options offered by Huawei are Graphite Black, Amber Sunrise, and Emerald Green. However, the users have color options to choose from. 

HUAWEI HiPair Technology:

These extraordinary earphones comprise the Huawei HiPair technology self-built. Once users plug the earphone in the Type-C enabled device. Further, the earphone will complete the whole pairing process. Then, it will also be ready to get reverse charged through the phone you connect. 

Audio Quality: 

The supreme zestful operator and ultra-thin TPU diaphragm. The user gets an enveloping sound quality with the affluent bass and harmonious high-pitched. When it comes to phone calls – the Huawei FreeLace got equipped with Wind noise reduction to make sure that users get an experience of crystal clear sound.

Fast Charging and Effective Battery Life: 

One of the great features offered by Huawei FreeLace headphones comes with long battery life. The headphone offers up to 18 hours of playback time, once the users fully charge the headphones. The earphone needs only 5 minutes to charge in a hurry. Hence, the five-minute charge offers up to four hours of playback time.

Indeed, the unorthodox Hall magnetic sensor comes with the ability to detect if the earphones are in use. Just snap the earbuds against each other to end the connection. To reconnect the user needs to separate the earbuds so that the user receives their favorite music playback.

Huawei manufactured the FreeLace by utilizing memory metal and glazed it with nickel-titanium alloy and liquid silicon to offer a feeling of comfort on the user’s neck. Huawei FreeLace installed three suitable buttons over the cable so that users can manage their calls and music.

Requires Huawei EMUI 9.1 or later versions, and smartphone with charging enabled USB-C port.

Enveloping Music Encounter: 

Huawei FreeLace installed a 9.2 mm zestful operator unit that magnifies the sound meadow. Further, the ultra-thin Thermoplastic polyurethane retractor provides a rise in the bass. The Titanium covers over earphones to experience melodic screeching. 

List of Specifications offered by HUAWEI FreeLace:

– The device offers a 5.0 Bluetooth version

– The device received the Water resistance rating through IPX5. 

– The earphones offer various functions via Buttons like multi-function, power, and volume.

– The Playback time user experience is almost 18 hours 

– The device has a Standby time of up to 12 days.

– The Driver installed in Huawei FreeLace comes with 9.2mm dynamic drivers.

– The earbuds offer 28-degree adjustable earbuds.

– The Cable length used in the earphones is 788mm.

– The Total length of the earphone is 837mm.

– The Approximate Weight of the earphone is 27 grams. 

End Note: 

The Huawei FreeLace provides users with an amazing experience of music and calls. The users receive a good playback time while using HUAWEI FreeLace. 

Muhammad Asad Raza