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The best fragrance for YOU- Scents that make you unique

To smell good and pleasant is a desire of every person. A good fragrance coming from your body automatically lifts your mood and shoves you to walk with more confidence and grace. Scents are meant to enhance the smell of a clean body. They give you a pleasant, lovely, and satisfying feeling for the rest of the day. Every person has a different taste in perfume and it’s a bit of a task to find the best perfumes in Pakistan but after some hunting, you can find the perfume of your choice here as well.

It’s hard to find a scent that is unique and at the same time suits your personality as well. One of the most important things you should keep in mind while selecting a perfume is that it compliments you and your overall personality. Everybody has their taste and preference in scents. Some people opt for nice and musky fragrances while other looks for a strong and astonishing odor. That entirely depends on the mood and choice of a person.

There are many amazing scents that are considered as the best perfumes in Pakistan and have a heavenly fragrance that makes them unique from other scents. Below is the list of those scents which will surely make you feel nice and satisfying if you use them and will make you smell different and unique from others.

  • Ralph Lauren Polo Blue

It is an Aromatic Fougere fragrance. It is considered one of the best perfumes.  The peak notes of this perfume are melon, and cucumber, basil, sage, mandarin orange, and geranium with the bottom of musk, woodsy notes, and suede. All of these combine to form a unique and exquisite fragrance.

v Tom Ford Black Orchid

This is a luxurious perfume. It is one of the high-priced perfumes. It is a mixture of French jasmine, black truffle, yang-yang, and black currant. All these are combined to make a darkish and classic perfume that is perfect to give you a unique sensation and fragrance.

v Dunhill choice Blue

This perfume has a different smell that is based utterly on the accords of amber crystals, musk. It gives you amber-like fragrance, making you feel pleasant.

v Oil of Arabia

If you are looking for deluxe and unique scents then Oil of Arabia is the best perfumery you should visit. It has three categories of perfumes and all three of them are beyond perfect.

·      Cairo Bergamot

The most amazing thing about this perfume is that it’s for both, him and her. It is a mixture of Arabian oils and citrus scents. The fragrance it holds gives you a majestic feel. This is best for couples who want to smell and feel the same.

·         Damascus Oud

It’s a ladies perfume and it gives a sensual aroma that every woman desire for. The ingredients in it give it a strong and at the same time sweet fragrance which feels great on the skin and is perfect for women who want to be unique among others.

·         Beirut Agar

This perfume is specially designed for men. It is a classic scent with oriental charm and has a long-lasting effect. It stays on the skin for a longer period and its fragrance gives an audacious and confident feeling to men.

  • Asghar Ali

It is a leading perfume brand in Pakistan and its perfumes are famous for giving a unique, floral, and pleasant fragrance that also lasts for a longer period. Asghar Ali is also known for making the best Oud perfumes as well. They have a variety of perfumes all ranging from lower to higher prices.

  • Burberry Perfumes

Burberry is a top pick for modish and elegant women. These perfumes are considered iconic fragrances for the new epoch. Every scent has a unique fragrance with a touch of sophisticated sense of Britishness. Sweet pea and bergamot are the top notes of Burberry. These scents are carefully made to make you feel confident and stylish at the same time. Here is a list of the best Burberry perfumes.

  • Burberry EDP
  • Burberry London for Women EDP
  • Burberry My Black EDP
  • My Burberry Blush EDP
  • The Beat for Women Eau De Parfum
  • Burberry Brit for Women EDP

The list can go on as Burberry has the widest range of perfumes and every perfume has a unique and mature fragrance. All the scents are versatile and are suitable for almost every occasion. So you can choose from their extensive range the perfume of your choice and the one which you think compliments you the best.

v Inexperienced Irish Tweed by Creed

This perfume gives you a fresh and unforgettable fragrance that makes you feel pleasant throughout the day. The top notes are ambergris and Mysore sandalwood. It can also be added in your best perfumes list if you are fond of rich aromas.

These were the top scents and also the best perfumes in Pakistan which you can easily find and will compliment your personality. Although finding a perfume which has the best fragrance and that makes you unique depends on your skills and taste in perfumes. So know your preference and get a scent that not only smells good but also gives you confidence and makes you feel pleasant.

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